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Is this app possible to enter invoices of many customers at the same time without paying? (because they can call more during in-store time)


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When the customer comes into the store and orders for the first time, we enter this app for the bill, but if the customer orders for the second, how can we enter it again in the same bill. We all know that there are many customers at the same time, and if all of them are in the over case, how can we solve it?

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Hello, dear user

You can use the open tickets feature to keep customers orders open.
To add new items to the existing open ticket, please click on the OPEN TICKETS button on the sale screen and then, click on a specific open ticket to open it:



Click on the items on the sale screen which you want to add to the customer's order:


If you want to SAVE this ticket, please press SAVE button, if you want to charge it, press CHARGE.

More information about the OPEN TICKETS feature, you can find in these tutorials:


Open Tickets

Open Tickets Synchronization

How to Merge Open Tickets with Loyverse POS

How to Split an Open Ticket with Loyverse POS

How to Use Predefined Open Tickets to Name Tables


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