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Receipt printer cutting off numbers on X/Z read (close shift)


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I'm having an issue where I have an 80mm receipt printer that is working fine for normal receipt prints etc. but will cut off numbers for the shift close/z read.

If I set the printer to 58mm it prints but leaves the right hand side blank as expected.

So what happens? Well the shift open and close date that print on the right are fully visible but if for example there was a value of less than 100 then the report will not print any numbers in the starting cash, cash payments etc. If the value if above 100 then I only get the hundredths printed on the far right of the report.

See the attached image for the actual prints. The one on the left is 58mm. Right is 80mm (those 1's are hundredths).

Is there anything I can do or is this a problem internal in the program? It seems as if it's trying to print outside the bounds.


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Yes it's not officially supported. 

Changing under advanced to 64mm has made it work perfectly. Thank you, I totally missed this when looking.

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