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How to negative return an item en choose how to refund.


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Great app, very happy!

How do i handle a return or partially return from an existing ticket, not by using the restitution option? But a negative ticket.

If someone paid items by card, and returns one of the items later, i cannot return the amount by card partially. Is there an option to refund the amount by cash or bank in the pos?

Long-short; i would like to refund it by bank instead of initial payment method.

Any workarounds?

Kind regards, 


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Hi Georg,

In the Netherlands. 

I also tried a modifier on the product so it will be applied to the correct tax. We sell new (21% local vat and used (margin 0%), as well as unieregeling (21% vat on all countries in Europe, which will be devided to the corresponding country later on in our tax scheme).

But the problem with a modifier is that it can't be altered in checkout, and even if you predifine a number in the modifier the total checkout can't be negative.


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About the refund:

I am afraid you can't refund it by bank. You can refund it partially or the whole amount of card transaction if you using Zettle card payment provider (for Sumup only the whole amount). Refunded amount will be returned to the customer's credit card.
You can also contact the card payment provider that you use if they can suggest you something.

Tax is applied to the item. You can't choose which tax to apply to the modifier.

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