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Shared receipt sequence number


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Hi there,


I would like to know if Loyverse supports multiple POS devices sharing the same sequence numbering for the receipts.

For example:

I have 2 POS terminals in my store and I want them to use the same sequence in the receipts. If the POS1 printed a receipt with the number 01 the other POS2 will automatically when prints a receipt will take the number 02 

In the time of rush it will confuse the customers to call for the receipt number 01 and there are 2 customers holding a receipt with the same number so It would be great to have this feature.


the receipt number in the the customer receipt is very small and it confuses the customers so they keep asking which one is my receipt number.

it would be better if the receipt number could be bold, bigger and maybe put into a circle to point out that this is the receipt number.


Best regards,


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Hi Andy,


Thank you for your reply,

1. Isn't possible when there is no internet connection (offline mode)and the POSes are connected to each other and to the printers in the same LAN network to share the same numbering?


2. Increasing the size of the receipt number is a suggestion to make the number more visible to the customers.

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Hello, Yousuf

Maybe you would be interested to use the kitchen orders feature to give a printed order to the customer?
You can print an order and a receipt at the same time and give them to the customer.
At the same time, if you need, you can send a kitchen order to another kitchen printer(or Kitchen Display App).
As you see on a screenshot, a kitchen order has much bigger number and even the name of the customer if you add a customer to this order.

Using Kitchen Printers with Loyverse POS

Kitchen Display System Configuration Guide

How to Use Loyverse KDS Kitchen Display

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