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API Limitations


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I've been an Developer/API integrator for over 25 years and I found it a little strange that the Loyverse API has some major and inexplicable limitations. I do understand that Loyverse as a company needs to make money from the addons they sell and this could account for some of these limitations.

However it would be very beneficial to know what the limitations are before attempting to develop an application, only to discover after weeks or months of work that a key component is not exposed in the API. As a POS system I find it somewhat unbelievable that the items on open tickets are not available via the API directly - that the only way to access this information is via a temporary receipt. It's a POS system so open tickets is where operators spend most of their time making it an extremely conspicuous omission.

Generally speaking in the world of APIs, all functionality possible by an app/site is either exposed via the API, or exposed at a premium via the API - it's quite a shock to find unexplained gaps in the functionality, especially when considering how good the API is generally and the essential nature of this missing functionality. Perhaps the APIs are not yet complete which I also understand, however for the mean time I implore you to add a section to your API documentation, highlighting where these gaps are, and/or at minimum in this Loyverse API forum, maybe under the header/sticky: Questions and experiences of using API. Just detailing what's not possible via the API - that's all I ask.

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