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How can i add number of people in table 1, table 2...etc?


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Hi, I am new to this, so just testing at the moment. i have figured a good way is just to add the number of people in the comments section when you go and create a ticket.

On a completely different matter, I have not been able to connect the KDS to the POS at all, even using wifi static settings. I am thinking I might not be able to use loyverse at all for my business if the same issue comes with the printer. Have you tried any printer yet?


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On 9/5/2021 at 1:10 PM, Lana said:

hello lana, i think kds is easy to setup, i did it..i just googling it and found the solution, if i get i will send you the link..thanks


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5 minutes ago, Xxx said:

lana, could you please tell me about adding people in table...thanks

Hi, i do it 2 ways:

- Adding the number of people as a comment when you save the ticket, then the ktichen knows how many people and it does not print in the receipt

- Adding a new item, i called it ".No of people", with the . so it shows up the first in the list, which i set up, obviously at 0 price and by weigth, so when the waiter goes to a table, the first thing they do is to input the number of clients. You can then easily remove the item before printing the receipt or just leave it there

Hope this is clear

PS- what printer are you using?

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