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Orders numbers on receipts


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Hi LV Team,

I own and run a mobile woodfired pizza food truck and pump out many pizzas in a short window. 

I use Loyverse as it is fantastic and very user friendly BUT I must have the order numbers for the printers to print on for the pizza Maker and one for the customer 


#0215-01-02 the first for numbers including hashtag is the date then you have -01-02 this prints the same on the two printers I have which is ok as as the 02 changes with each receipt which count from there. but at the end of the service I close the till and the next day open service and take an order the numbers continue from where it left off from the previous night. 

What I need to ask you is can you create in your systems at head office of Loyverse to reset the last four numbers so when you start a new shift the numbers begin back at for example it should read as #0216-01-01 hope I am making sense and you understand what I am asking for. by only allowing the last 2 digits to reach 99 the go back to 01.

For example if I had 120 orders in one shift then at the start of shift the receipts would start at #0215-01-99 so I have made 99 orders so far the the rescripts would start again and the last order receipt would look like #0215-01-21 close shift. The next day open shift receipts will reset and they begin a new day example #0216-01-01. 


Kindest regards,


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