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3 decimal places

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Sorry if this has been asked, but i couldn't find a response in the forums.

I have my account created for my country of usage and have all my items with 3 decimal places. (which is perfect)

The issue is when i am doing a variable price item on the POS itself, it shows the price box, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0,00 <- this last one should match the account setting of 000 in my case.  Is there a way you can update it, or update the code to look at the account decimal count?

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It would be nice if support is responding to the various issues i have seen go by, without response.   I really like the structure this product has, but everything else about it tells me to look for something else (or simply make a competing product with better support).

I hope things turn around, soonish.. 

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Hi @outtolunc, the maximum number of decimal places you can have is two and a maximum value of 999,999.99.
Three decimal places are currently unsupported.

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my account, that i had to recreate with a country code if Colombia to get .000 allows me to enter inventory/items with 3 decimal places.


what i am talking about is the POS.


these 4 items were entered as




5 + (hit 00)

any other POS when i hit the

00 or 000 adds those .. 

5000(hit 00) is 500.000

nothing about the POS is country decimal driven.. hence my issue.  

Figured i would give you guys one last chance since i have already built the backend.  


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Hello, I believe the dot stands for thousands separator.

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  • Georg changed the title to 3 decimal places
20 hours ago, MIHAS said:

Any solution for 1.00 (two decimal point) to change in to 1.000 (three decimal point)

Three decimals can't be set. You can choose only two decimals or disable decimals completely by changing the currency in the account's settings:

In case, if you change the currency and you would not like the currency symbol to be shown in your account, please send a request to help@loyverse.com from your Loyverse owner's email address to disable the currency symbol for your Loyverse account.


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