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  1. It would be nice if support is responding to the various issues i have seen go by, without response. I really like the structure this product has, but everything else about it tells me to look for something else (or simply make a competing product with better support). I hope things turn around, soonish..
  2. I would be interested to hear if you planned on adding PagoMovil to the list of payment types.. (very similar to Sumup).
  3. Sorry if this has been asked, but i couldn't find a response in the forums. I have my account created for my country of usage and have all my items with 3 decimal places. (which is perfect) The issue is when i am doing a variable price item on the POS itself, it shows the price box, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0,00 <- this last one should match the account setting of 000 in my case. Is there a way you can update it, or update the code to look at the account decimal count?
  4. I have been using an ipad 2 with 9.3.6 for development and testing. It isn't as fast as other devices i've used (iphone Xr, Samsung A 8"), but it isn't painfully slow either. Switching between food and beverage categories half second, items with variable rates seem to about 3/4 of a second to bring up the pricing input. I am in Colombia, everything moves slower here.
  5. I noticed this .. The current version of API includes commands to the following data: GET Receipts GET/DELETE/POST Items GET/DELETE/POST Inventory GET/DELETE/POST Сategories GET/DELETE/POST Modifiers GET/DELETE/POST Discounts GET/DELETE/POST Payment types GET/DELETE/POST Taxes GET/DELETE/POST Stores GET/DELETE/POST Customers GET/DELETE/POST Employees GET/DELETE/POST Shifts which is wonderful, but i also noticed this.. - API will be our additional premium(paid) function. It would be nice to know what the proposed charge/fee will be, before we inves
  6. hah, not sure how i missed that, but it has been a crazy week. Thanks for the cluex4. Any update as to getting the create token enabled on my account for LBH.. i filled in the request form a few times.
  7. I too seem to be having issues, my account doesn't have the 'get token' in the menu, so i am using the test one from first post in this thread. i have downloaded the loyverse postman, set the bearer token, and the baseUrl variable.. but every time it comes back with an error. i would also like the create token enabled on my account(s). { "errors": [ { "code": "INVALID_VALUE", "details": "The value must be an UUID", "field": "store_ids" } ] }
  8. Sales screen for variable item price shows 00 (which is fine visually), but should reflect the (.xxx) of the country of origin. In my case, Colombian pesos are like 1.000 (1 mil pesos), so when i created my account, i had to do so with the country of Colombia to get the ability for my amounts $1.000 to show with 3 decimal places. The sales '00' should input 0's to the decimal place of the country for the amounts.
  9. Inventory Items displayed in the selected language of the employee.

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