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What is the difference between bills and receipts?


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What is a Bill?
Bills are often used in the food serving businesses such as restaurants. A bill is created before payments. It contains an itemized list of products sold or services provided, along with the amount of money owed for each item. A bill also states the due amount to be paid by a customer. 

What is a Receipt?
A receipt is a confirmation of payment. This document confirms a customer has received the goods or services. A customer can use a receipt proof of a completed payment for goods or services. 

Receipts are given to customers in a digital or paper format after the payment has been performed. This document is essential proof in case any issues with the product appear. A seller is using a receipt to verify if the claims for exchanging or returning goods are justified.

How different are bills and receipts in Loyverse?


The bill has a different look from the receipt. Bill has the name BILL at the top, while the receipt does not have it. The bill does not have a number, which is on the bottom of the receipt. And the bill has "Amount due" line as a summarizing amount of items, while the receipt has "Total". Plus the receipt has printed the type of received payment. 

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