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I own a bar and i'm use to give free drinks after several drinks ordered . For example if someone have order 3 beer already, sometimes i give the fourth for free. Is there a way to make the fourth one like " 1 beer ......free"  or "one beer.......0(where 0 is the amount)" on the receipt without using the discount method with 100% discount? It seems that the discount method make only appear a discount at the end of the bill but not make it clear about what it is .

Thank you in advance!

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On 12/7/2020 at 6:49 PM, Mia said:


If an item has a predefined price, it is not possible to show the value 0 next to him in the receipt if you apply a 100% discount to it. The discount, as you have mentioned, is shown at the bottom of the receipt.

I can suggest you to make use of the item comment feature. You can add a comment when you add the fourth drink in the receipt, for example “1 free item”

And it will appear like this:


Or, the second option would be if you leave the Price field in the item card empty so you can indicate the price at the moment of the sale.


So, you can indicate the regular price for the first 3 drinks and for the fourth you can indicate 0.

The receipt would look like this:


I hope this helps 🙂


I will use your first solution . Thank you very much ! 

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