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Sales by barcode scan not working. Need Advice on Solutions


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Hi Loyverse,

I like to use sales item by barcode scanning. All my items have barcode configure. When I use the search function on top (sales screen), the barcode scan result is correct and able search the right item. But, when I directly scan with item with barcode scanner (sales screen), ticket screen either blank or some time select the wrong item.

I am using android TV box with android version 9. Barcode scanner is USB connection. 

Appreciate if any Loyverse SME here help on this issue. 

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Hello Mag, thanks for the reply. 

I have try a few CR function of the scanner like Enter, Continuous, Tab...All not working. 

I also did plug the scanner into my windows laptop to verify the scanner function, it is working as the configuration. 

The barcode symbology is EAN-13. 


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When I scan the right item barcode in Loyverse search item function, system can search and show the correct item. But this way does not enter the item sales into the ticket. 

The issue happen when I directly scan the right item barcode at Sales page, system enter the wrong item. Even I simply pick other barcode that not yet set in the item list, system still enter the wrong item. 

I am curious why the search function can search the right item but sales ticket show the wrong item.

Any configuration or suggestion?

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I also got the same problem as you.

Bar code scanner : LS2208, Symbol.
Configuration : USB keyboard HID
Adapter : USB OTG (Android), USB-C to USB hub (iOS)
Device : Galaxy Tab, iPad Pro, Huawei Mobile Phone
OS : All updates.  Already checked the minimum OS requirements on devices before purchase the device.

Android : After connected USB OTG adapter and bar code scanner, I have configured the scanner to HID.  Then try to scan some bar codes, it worked fine, testing with note apps.  In Loyverse, I entered the item page, and tab on 'bar code' and use BOTH tablet camera / bar code scanner to scan the bar code, they provided the same exact result.  No carriage return, no other signs.  Just pure digits of bar code value.   But when in Loyverse 'Sale' page, after scan the product, it kept blank.  No item was added into ticket.  But tried to use tablet camera to scan, it worked.    So, only the bar code scanner scan was not successful.

iOS :  Tried same thing as Android side, same issue.  Testing with other apps on iPad, it worked fine with bar code scanner.

I have contacted the Loyverse staff through chat, they said they will raise this issue to technical team.  Now waiting.

During this time, I also tested, but no clues yet.  Protocol correct, USB OTG device, correct scanned result, work with Loyverse app (only with any text field items),  no clue now.

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