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Bluetooth printer won't print after restarting Chromebook



For some reason, my bluetooth-printer (mC-Print 2, connected as mPop) won't keep a working connection with my Chromebook (HP x360 14-da0900nd).

When I pair the printer via bluetooth, and then add the printer in the Loyverse app, it works. But when I restart my chromebook it doens't connect anymore. It used to start working again when I turned Bluetooth off and on, but now I have to reinstall the printer for it to work.

I assume it has something to do with the way android-apps are allowed bluetooth access on chromebooks, but hopefully this can be solved in a future update? It should be possible, because the iZettle app doesn't have the same problem.

(btw. my android phone does not have the same problem either, it can always print without any extra steps.)

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5 hours ago, retms said:

hi, maybe you had better ask in the official forum


Uhmm, that's the Chromebook forum, and it's a problem with how the Loyverse app works on Chromebooks, not about Chromebooks in general.

As I said, iZettle is able to use the printer, so it's not a Chromebook bug, but rather something that needs a different way of doing it in the Loyverse-app.

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When I reread my post I understand why you responded with this.

What I meant was:

When I restart my Chromebook, Loyverse no longer prints on my bluetooth printer. My chromebook is still paired, but the app no longer seems to be able to make a connection. Even though iZettle is able to print on the same printer without extra steps, for Loyverse to be able to print I need to forget the printer, re-pair it, and reinstall in in the loyverse app. Then it works again untill I restart.

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14 hours ago, lcardinale said:

Does anyone is using a Lenovo Chrome book with a usb or bluetooth thermal printer? Mine does detect the usb printer in the chrome OS, but Loyverse does not detect any printer in the usb port

Hello, is your printer included in the list of recommended Loyverse?  


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