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How to connect a printer to the Loyverse POS on the Chromebook?


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In order to do this, you must first take the printer and turn it on.
Turn on the power switch, which is on the left side of the printer.

The POWER lamp on the control panel will light.

Check the presence of paper in the printer.
Push the cover open lever, and open the printer cover.


If necessary load the paper roll into the printer, and pull the leading edge of the paper straight toward you.


Then push on both sides of the rear cover to close it.


After the printer cover is closed, the printer performs initial operations (from paper feeding to paper cutting). Do not open the printer cover until the initial operations are complete.

Next, you need to connect the printer to Chromebook.

Click your account photo.


Click on the Bluetooth icon.


If Bluetooth is off, turn it on.

Then go to the Bluetooth settings


After turning the printer's power switch on, press and hold the PAIR button on the rear of the printer for 5 seconds or more, and then release it. The LED will flash green.


Pairing will be possible during 60 seconds from the starting flashing green LED. During this time, execute "Search devices" from the Chromebook and tap the relevant device from the displayed list.



If you can not connect the devices, check if the printer is not connected to another device. Unpair from another device and try again.
Now let's move on to the settings in Loyverse POS
Open the Loyverse POS app, and in the main sidebar, go to "Settings".


Tap the "+" button in the lower right corner of the screen to create new device settings.


In the opened menu fill in the "Printer name" field, and select the desired printer model from the drop-down list.


Tap the "Search" button, and tap on the device name in the device selection dialog.


Tap the " PRINT TEST" button.


If a test receipt is printed successfully, then your printer is setup correctly.


Printing orders on Kitchen Display and kitchen printer


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