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Do Loyverse can provide queue number in receipt?

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The number of the receipts is generated automatically from the system. It has this format: #1-1001
The first digit 1- refers to the POS device, and if you have many devices, the receipts will start from 2-1001... , 3-1001..., etc.
Every POS device counts individually, and the receipt number in each POS device start from 1001 and then continue consecutively: 1002, 1003 etc

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Um...I mean queue of customer. 

I need number for call customer to pickup food.

(Big font of number on top of receipts) 

Maybe start from 001 when shop open to the end of the day.

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I could definitely see how this feature would be beneficial for you. Right now, we don’t have an option to add a queue number in receipt.

What we have currently is the order number in this format: #0215-01-02
The codes in the order number refer to:
0215 is monthDAY (Feb 15);
01 is the POS number;
02 is the order number;
and order number every day starts from 01.

You can also read more information here.

I would be happy to forward your request to our engineering team and maybe we can implement this feature in the future.

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I'm Looking to have the same for my customer and Kitchen, I put a item call number at $0 and ad the scale/weight option. every time the employee touch it ask for a number they need to key in the next number.

Questions here the number in the bottom of the receipt #1-1001 can be correlative with the number coming in the kitchen print out #0910-01-01?

So the last 2 digits are the number that connect this to tickets?


Thank you

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