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Pickup Receipts on multiple location - single device

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With the Covid issue, we are setting up multiple pickup locations to bring our food closer to people. We take orders and set pickup locations. At first I thought setting multiple POS is the answer, however, i need to assign one device per POS -- which I am limited to just one device.

I wanted to be able to report invoices by location -- the challenge is where to place that location so it's reportable and easy to report when I'm in that location to reference what the customer ordered.




Location A

- 20 customer receipts


Location B

- 10 customer receipts


Location C

- 15 customer receipts


I wanted to search Location A and have a list of all these customer receipts -- and ideally report on the sales per location.


Is there a work around?



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Hello Niegel,

It is possible to add several POS in your Back-office according to your locations and use only one device.

To switch between different POS, you have to sign out Loyverse POS app and the sign in again.

When you sign in the application, you will be asked in which POS device that you have configured you want to sign in.

There is not a report that will show receipts by POS in the Back-office but you can export all receipts in a CSV file and then filter by the name of POS.




Another workaround would be to make use of Dining Option feature.

You can add your locations as dining option in your Back-office:


When making sales, you can assign to each receipt a dining option which in your case will be a Location.

There is no report for sales according to dining option in the Back-office either, but you can export the receipts and filter by dining options “Locations”.



The third option is to add an employee according to each location.

Then, you can assign an employee to each receipt and you can easily filter in the Receipt Report in the Back-office by employee


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