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Open cash drawer without printing the receipt


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How to open cash drawer without making a sale

You can set the right to open cash drawer without making a sale for your employee group. Go to ‘Access rights’ menu at the ‘Employee' section in the Back Office and open the group for the editing. Check the box ‘Open cash drawer without making a sale’ in the ‘POS’ section.   


Don’t forget to save.

You can find the ‘Open cash drawer’ button in the three vertical dots (⋮) menu at the Sale screen of your POS.


Note: the button ‘Open cash drawer’ is displayed only if there is at least one printer connected with the option 'Print receipts and bills'.


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For me, this is a massive flaw! Can't believe the cash draw doesn't open on completed sales because I sent nothing to that printer. Why not add the instruction to cash sales so the draw opens regardless of whether you print anything! 

My workaround is to create a menu item for that printer of zero value, I just called it 'Till', but staff forget to tap it sometimes, especially on long orders, they finish the sale and of course, till doesn't open. I have to keep reminding them to press it. Such an unnecessary step and wastes only a small amount of paper, but a lot less than printing receipts that no one wants.

This is beyond ludicrous!

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