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Question about GET /reciepts


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Hi LV, 

I'm having trouble with the GET receipts API, is this the right place to ask? 

My issue is with rounding, it looks like the API results is rounding differently from the POS App. For example, in the API payload there's a line item with total_money $2.32 yet in the Loyverse POS application this receipt line item is $2.33. There's actually total of three line items in that receipt that don't total.. 

e.g. call is "curl --location --request GET 'https://api.loyverse.com/v0.7/receipts/8-10385 "

which returns this: (segment): 


            "item_id": "c5390f9f-711e-11ea-8d93-0603130a05b8",

            "variant_id": "b5c41b88-71a9-11ea-8d93-0603130a05b8",

            "item_name": "BLUEBERRIES DARK CHOCOLATE",

            "variant_name": null,

            "sku": "10154",

            "quantity": 0.049,

            "price": 47.50,

            "gross_total_money": 2.32,

            "total_money": 2.32,

            "cost": 20.50,

            "cost_total": 1.00,

            "line_note": null,

            "line_taxes": [


                    "money_amount": 0.21,

                    "id": "74bb6f11-71b4-11ea-8d93-0603130a05b8",

                    "type": "INCLUDED",

                    "name": "GST",

                    "rate": 10.00



            "total_discount": 0.00,

            "line_discounts": [],

            "line_modifiers": []



As a side note, I'd be keen for someone else to try the following call with their own bearer token and see if the LV security is working. Post back here 😉

curl --location --request GET 'https://api.loyverse.com/v0.7/items/c5390f9f-711e-11ea-8d93-0603130a05b8'

Thanks Loyverse!

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Hi, thank you for reporting issue.

We have checked your post and fixed it.
Please check it now.

Thank you!

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Thanks Isobe_Yasuki, I've re-run the GET above and it seems to be working fine now. I'll try with some others and let you know if there's anything still wrong. 

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