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Why my receipts not showing up on the web?


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I put order in, receipts has went in and I can see them from my mobile devices (3 of them)

But I do not see the receipts on the computer (web)

It never happened to us before, do not know why.


What I tried:

- Sync devices

- Log out and log in for all devices

- email receipt to see if that makes it show up (but did't work)


Please help.

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Hello. "On the web" - do you mean Back office?
Orders? - If you mean open tickets. You can see open tickets only on the POS on mobile device, and you cannot see them at the back office. 
- If you close (charge, receive payments) of open tickets, thay become receipts and you will be able to see them at the Back office at the Reports > Receipt section. 

- If you do not see the receipts at the back office, and see them at the POS, it means that they are not synced. The reason for this that your mobile device with POS does not have connection to the internet. Please, check the connection of the mobile device to the internet, try to restart the internet connection at the device settings. 

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I have had similar issue just last couple of days only. Sync to back office only happens very occasionally (we dont use open tickets or anything).  We downloaded SpeedTest app onto the POS and the internet is rocketing along. All other apps are working.  I can see all the receipts on the POS, internet is working fine on the POS (can even open up this forum on the POS  browser). Back office still missing our last 2 hrs of sales.  It was working great and pretty much syncing immediately up until recently. 

*** Update  ***  when we closed the shift on the POS today, the back office got updated with the last few hours of data.


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Sometimes, mobile devices do not give the Internet to the Loyverse POS app, even though the device has connected to the Internet. If this happens, try to restart the Internet in the device settings. Just switch out and then on the WiFi or mobile Internet (depending what you use).

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Hi Andy, turning wifi off and on again seems to do the trick, but here is a strange thing.. all the customers we added this morning are appearing in the back office. But still no receipts?  Very strange. Adding customer seems to sync straight away but not sales (this is the Android App running on a tablet BTW)

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