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How to create negative sales?

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Hi all,

How can i create a negative sales?

Customer buys for 50,00 -/- a return from an otter article 60,00 = total price -/- 10,00 this means  i have to give 10,00 cashback to my customer.


Now it is 50,00 -/- 60,00 = 0,00 Sow at the end of a shift there will be a differente in the cashmoney.


We want to use it for a small retail shop sow we don’t use inventory management.


thanks in advance.


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As I have understood your situation correct: your customer return some item with the price 60, and then buy another item for the price of 50.
In this situation you'd better to register of refund for 60, and then new purchase for 50.
Even if your initial sale has been made in many items in the receipt, you can refund only one item.
Here is description of refund process: How to Issue a Refund on Loyverse POS
In this case you will have correct cash balance in your shift.

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Hi Andy, 

Thanks for your comment.

I ‘m understanding what you mean. But that way of returnings is okay if you work with the inventory program. We don’t use this because our items and sales prices are changing very quickly.

It should work like an easy Calculator but that’s not possible with Loyverse. I think it should be one of the first basics for a POS system.

new item 50.00 minus (article jeans) returned item 60.00 (article tops) makes minus 10.00 cashback.

Can’t be easier i think!?


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