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Zjiang 8250 print out gibberish every other receipts

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I am currently using Zjiang ZJ-8250 (http://www.zjiang.com/en/init.php/product/index?id=36) with Loyverse in bluetooth mode. 

The printer generally works fine, but it prints out gibberish every other receipt. Here is the sequence of the problems.

1. First receipt, the printer prints out and do the auto cut just fine.
2. Second receipt, the printer prints out until the last line of the receipt, but does not feed the receipt out and do the auto cut. (I have to manually pull and tear the receipt.)
3. Third receipt, the printer prints gibberish and do not cut.

The problem seems to be similar to this post: 


(Similar in both problem and the printer itself.)

However, I cannot set it to print in text mode as the thread suggested, because I need to print Thai characters. So, I am stuck with image mode.

I have tried with a few esc/pos commands, like resetting the printer, line feed and such with no success. 
I tried to find a way to change the printer code page to Thai so that I can try with text mode, but no luck. (Zjiang contact does not response, either.)

Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

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I ended up solving the problem by switching to USB instead of Bluetooth. Everything works fine and fast now.
So, you could add Zjiang ZJ-8250 (USB only) to the list of printer that works with Loyverse.

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