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How to save space in receipt



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Hi people
I already asked Loyverse if it possible to change the 
font size of the receipts. They are told me that it is not possible.

I also had an issue that receipt was not fully printed on my printer.
I received from the chat support an answer how to solve it:


Please go to the App → Settings → choose your printer, then open Advanced Settings → and in the field 'Cutter ESC/POS Commands', add 0A, 0A before existing values. 
For example: 


you would have to write 0А,0А,1D,56,42,00

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Hello! I have two Pos system use same printer.

My printer size is "58" mm

but use Loyverse system the receipt  i feel the font it‘s too small.

Can I setting on the  system? If can not !

Can let your engineers be considered for add this item?


The pic is a receipt listed by two systems

The the second pic is used Loyverse pos!

The font size is significantly smaller than the first one

~Thank you for providing such a great system~




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