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Is it possible to print a receipt twice?


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Wondering if there is a way to print duplicates of tickets/order dockets.

We usually use 2 copies of the order for 2 stations listing the same items so that we can coordinate each other and have items delivered to customers at the same time. Also, it would be handy to have the function of reprinting the ticket in case the original one gets lost by mistake or the printer fails to connect (like it has been happening in these days...) and print straight away. At the moment I am printing a tax receipt and order ticket to have the duplicates but the tax receipt does not show the comments and ticket number/name/table number.

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It is not possible to print the receipt twice as default settings when you finish a sale. Only 1 copy  of the receipt will be printed.

If you want to reprint a receipt you have to go to the Receipt list in the POS app-> find the receipt you want to reprint -> Tap on the receipt in the list to see its details-> Click the three dots menu (⋮) at the upper right-hand corner-> click on  ‘Print receipt’


You have to follow these steps for each receipt you want to reprint.

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