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Does anyone know why changes to the receipt header are not showing?

Paul Charalambous

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I have changed the header to display my VAT No, in the back office. However, it continues to show my original setting on my receipts, no matter how many times I save the new setting.

Any help would be much appreciated!

Many thanks.

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What you can try is to sign out from the Loyverse app and log in again. It usually helps, but make sure you are online and all your sales data has been already sync with your Back Office.

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If you have made changes in the Header and Footer of your receipts in the Settings of the Receipts in the Back-office and these changes are still not reflected in the receipts in the POS app ,that have been charged after you made these changes, it is most probably a synchronization problem. 
You need to make sure that the device with the Loyverse POS app is connected with the internet and try the synchronization button. 


If this doesn’t help, you can try to sign out of POS app and sign in again. 
Before you sign out of the POS app, you must check and make sure that all your receipts have been synchronized with the Back-office, otherwise, you will lose these receipts. 
You can check this tutorial on how to sign out properly from Loyverse POS app: https://help.loyverse.com/help/how-exit-loyverse-pos

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