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How to add products to the same product on the receipt


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So, just found out about Loyverse, and it looks very promising. There's one thing bugging me though. 

For use in a bar with table service, say we have three products; Product A, Product B and Product C. 

When I take a order, and for instance people order Product A, Product A, Product B, Product C and Product A again, the receipt reads;

  • 2x Product A
  • 1x Product B
  • 1x Product C
  • 1x Product A

I would like the receipt to be:

  • 3x Product A
  • 1x Product B
  • 1x Product C

Same happens when adding to an existing ticket. Repeat product are added to the bottom of the receipt instead om being added to the existing total. 

I noticed you can edit a open current ticket, and edit the quantity of an product, although this seems like an extra step while taking an order, and doens't work for adding to an existing ticket. 

Any thoughts on this?

Kind Regards, 


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