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How to print graphical logo on Epson TM-T88V?

Andrew de Freitas


I know this has been asked a thousand times already... I have followed the instructions to change the printer to "other model" and use the Initial ESC/POS commands as 1C,70,01,00.

That did not work.

Saw that someone else recommended using the Hex code for the image in the Initial ESC/POS commands. But I am unable to find the Hex code in the Epson Utility.

Has anyone gotten it to work with the T88V? or have any other solutions?


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thanks for the reply, but it is not a printer issue.

I am able to test print the logo without an issue. 

the challenge is to get the loyverse settings to reference the stored logo.

based on research so far it seems as though people were only successful with getting it to print with older models of the Epson printers.

I emailed Epson to find out how to get the hex address for the image.

hopefully that pays off.

but still, if anyone was able to get it working with the T88V, please let me know.



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Woot! found the solution.. instead of using the 1C, 70, 01, 00.

User Hex 1D,28,4C,06,00,30,45,20,20,01,01 which represents the Hex equivalent of the location 32, 32.

So basically, upload your image and save it with reference code 32, 32 using the Epson TM Utility.

Then in the Loyverse software use the ESC/POS command as 1D,28,4C,06,00,30,45,20,20,01,01.


Tested and confirmed working!

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