How do you track your expenses and do you use accounting software?

Hello everybody.

For us, it is interesting to know how many of our users are using some accounting software.

E.g., in the UK, in order to pay VAT, our users should record all of their expenses. As Loyverse do not offer such features, but they do exist in accounting software (e.g., QuickBooks, Xero), we would like to know if our customers are using them, or if you don’t use such software, what other methods you use to record your expenses.

If you’re using Quickbooks/Xero, etc., it would also be good to know if you would like Loyverse to be integrated with that software.

Integration could be done in a way that Loyverse will send sales details to the accounting software for each transaction. And it will appear as a paid invoice in Quickbooks. Usually, an invoice is what the merchant issues to the buyer and a bill is what the merchant pays for his purchases. Quickbooks has both. Also, Loyverse could create a bill in Quickbooks automatically once you create a purchase order in Loyverse as "pending" status. But this is not all the bills that you might have. You could also get bills for rent, telephone, internet, etc. and those still will need to be created manually in Quickbooks. 

For now, if you’re using an accounting software, you probably can just create one invoice at the end of the month with one item called "Products sold" and just enter the total amount of sales recorded in Loyverse.

Quickbooks could also be useful for our users for reports such as Profit and Loss (where you can see all of your operating expenses, not only cost of goods sold), Balance sheet (where you can see how much customers owe you, your current inventory value and how much you owe to suppliers), and you can see more information on cash flow, such as paid and outstanding bills/invoices, your current bank account balance, etc.


Wave Apps worked for me and it's FREE!

Switched to Sage Accounting

Quickbooks integration please.

We do it manually and uses Google Sheet (temporary) to keep our books in check. We are looking to use a simple accounting software in the near future that has cloud services.

I'm in Canada and using Quickbooks now. Loyverse intergration would be huge. Please let me know more.

quickbook integration please

I created another store labelled Store-Expenses. There I let my staffs input all expenses to the smallest cost.

Can you explain it a bit more
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Yes I've recently started using QuickBooks as it already seems to work well with my Loyverse set up. I can do all my calling up/record keeping from one tablet! Integration between Loyverse and QuickBooks would be amazing!

Keep up the great work, can't wait for the update integrating sumup on Android.


Hi friend,
Could you please inform us, how did you configured and made it work.

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To offer cloud accounting integration would be really helpful for our Franchisees, and would make their life a lot easier.

I recommend Sage Accounting, since it is cost effective and mostly used in South Africa and has all functionalities needed for SME's. 

Therefore, we would like to link our Sage Accounting profile to our Loyverse POS and have our transaction records updated automatically each day in Sage Accounting, including our records for customer and supplier accounts.

i'm using Manager Accounting Software Desktop edition, downloaded from

easy to use and lite

Wave apps

Now just ms excel.

I am looking forward to handling all expenses with VAT inside Loyverse.

Manually, using Excel. We are new in the business and things are not so complicated yet, so Excel is doing great.

We do it manually. We use Wave Accounting in other businesses of ours 

Hi, thank you first for you nice app

at this time, we use your app as test, and it is working great really, now we independ on it for a part of 1 department. but, we use quickbooks for accounting. and we do only transection every month withc we get it from report of backoffice. we are not need to marge at this time. but, maybe will will need if we found account programe to mange our customers, but we still did not found


thank you alot



Hi, we use quickbooks for accounting. However we also use a field management software called Razorsync with which we manage the income and invoice from the other department of our business before exporting to quickbooks.

So Daily we would manually input the information from loyverse to Razorsync before exporting to quickbooks. 

A solution to export directly to quickbooks would be great. 

I hope this helps. 



I use Sage 50 for my accounting, and would love to have my POS intergrated. Its very time consuming to enter the information twice for each software to be up to date and accurate.

Manually done right now

We use excel.

We  do not yet use acounting software

Thanks for your software


We use Exact Online> 

And import a sales repport and of the month 


Here in Kenya we use Turbocash. A wonderful accounting software which has varied reports. Over 30 different kind of reports, a great module of batch entry with great features, Creditors and debtors module, easy setup module, unlilmited number of businesses/ set of books, and great support.

Please visit this link to learn more on this wonderful software. Incase you install Turbocash for your hotel and you want any support please get in touch on, 


I use excel.


Hopefully, before Loyverse makes another accounting feature and add charge, make sure that all branch are running smoothly and same feature available on IOs devices.

Thank you Loyverse Team for a wonderful job creating this software.  Love it.

Currently I am using WAVE accounting software for project and event invoicing, yet to explore into the small retail portion of this.  WAVE is Most recommended for small set up without a fee, web based, apps .. small and powerful. Hope this can be integrated to help those small company or those who are not ready for professional or payable software.

manualy and zoho invoice

I use the following:

Quickbooks with iPad and iPhone app for book keeping and general accounting

Receipt Bank app to photograph and upload to quickbooks all expense and inventory invoices

i would appreciate it if you could have a way to go into the client purchase(receipt) history to see a past receipt. I sell supplements and sometimes my clients forget what the name of the product was they last purchased and I could look up their history and see what they purchased in the past. I generally remember my frequent clients, but some come into the store less often. Also, it would make refunds much simpler. 

On the topic of refunds, it would also be practical to do a minus(-) on items on the receipt rather than go searching in the history in order to do a refund. That way the client who wants to return an item can still make a purchase and we minus the refund item instead of doing two transactions(a refund and a purchase)

I hope this helps you in developing and improving Loyverse. So far it’s been just over 6 months and I’m really liking this POS. 

Oh i almost forgot. Split bill is ok but in my store it would help to have a cash and card option instead of split bill. So a client pays part with cash and the rest with a card. It happens occasionally and I end up with two receipts instead of one that says $20.00 cash $37,84 card or something like that. So one client can pay with two different payment methods on the same receipt/purchase.




Mocrosoft dynamics aka navision

We use Google sheets as of now, and customize our own collumns according to our needs. The main notion is the cost and the cloud's ability to view and edit on different devices. 

I am currently using QuickBooks

Just excel

We use a spreadsheet, thats all, we dont use acounting software

As we are a very small establoestabl, so we are managing our finances with formulated spreadsheets. Also, being in Thailand, we are obligated to use a certified accountant, so we usually just provide them with a copy of our spreadsheets & a summary of our loyverse sales. 

We are aware, that as we experience growth, we will need an accounting software, but that time had not come yet.

Hope this helps your research.


We use quickbooks...

We use Xero.

integration would be great.

Now i Will use Mr. Accounting ERP Software for my expense.So have nothing special.thank you for support.

Hello loyverse team, I am Robby from Tenda Suki ( Japan & Korean Street Food in Indonesia.

First I thank you for your great hard work by bringing loyverse to the POS system in our restaurant network

We've been using loyverse for about a year for our 4 outlet locations and this month we did a Quickbooks trial as our accounting system and see how it can be integrated with loyverse

It is important for us to record all costs and sales per day on each branch, therefore we select Quickbooks that supports multiple branches with Location features

Currently we are still recording daily manuals of daily revenues and daily expenditures of our stores in Loyverse into Quickbooks and we hope there will soon be an integration between Loyverse with Quickbooks

And here are some that we think are very important for Quickbooks integration with Loyverse

1. Daily sales synchronization between Loyverse Store with Quickbooks Sales Receipts filter by Location, so sales of each Loyverse Store are automatically separated in Quickbooks Location, this is very important because we need to be able to create and read Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss reports on each of our stores.

2. Synchronize the inventory of items in Quickbooks with the inventory of items in Loyverse so that we can monitor the movement of inventory we have sent in the store, it is also very important to avoid fraud and loss of raw material inventory in the store.

3. Sync Daily Spending between Loyverse Store Cash Management with Quickbooks Expense filter by Location. Daily spending at each Loyverse Store is also very important to synchronize with Quickbooks

4. Synchronize discounts in loyverse with quickbooks, by selecting which balance sheet account in quickbooks to include discounted loads from loyverse

We sincerely hope the loyverse team immediately embodies the connectivity between Loyverse with quickbooks

I export to excel and then enter into our accounting system - Xero.

I use excel, and it would greatly help if you can integrate accounting in loyverse thanks

I would personally like to have some more payment methods to be added first. Like more QR payment methods like integration over WeChat or SnapScan/Zapper or  Alipay or whatever local QR payment methods. So that a printer or ipad could give ticket spicific QR codes that will add more value as a whole to using the POS

I second that please.
It would help to have zapper or snapscan as these are 2 widely used platforms for payments for small businesses.
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What I would really like to have in Loyverse is the same options for Android as for iOS, especially bill splitting and merging. Also, to be able to see all receipts.

I use Wave for accounting. What I would really like to have integrated is the timesheets. I have to enter them manually in Wave from the information in Loyverse. My expenses are already integrated with my bank account.

So far Excel is suitable enough but hopefully business will grow to a level where an ERP will be mandatory.

I just use excel. Prefer not to use big packages. I dont want to use any big packages like Xero etc.

Thank you for your program, it makes my not-for-profit business possible :-)


We currently use Quickbooks 16 (forMac) and we copy the details of earache sale to quickbooks in order to track the cost, inventory and movement of each product. 

In order to upload sales data we used Mac Numbers instead of Excel CSV file  however sales of several items to a single customer was presented in a single field rather than 1 field per item.

Xero accounting system 

Presently we use Quickbooks Non-Profit Edition


I use Zoho Books. 


I use excel 

Tracking it with excel. Hopefully more features will be added. 

Expenses are tracked manually and with Excel. Loyverse is a great POS software but with some additional options can be the best. Integration of quickbooks or the addition of accounting options in the dashboard will be of benefit to most users. 

Also in the dashboard financial reports can be improved with a total row at the bottom of some of reports. One such is the gross profit column. Currently I export that data and then have to manually add cost of goods sold and total profit. 

There should be an option to print the shift summary to your POS printer or regular printer.

Yes use. Im using wave accounting software. I woud like to intergrate your pos system with wave accounting system

To offer cloud accounting integration would be really helpful, and would make our life a lot easier. Besides Xero, I recommend Wave, since it is free and has all functionalities needed for small and medium-size companies (Also, since Loyverse is also helping many businesses around the world with affordable solutions) Another great solution to me would be if you could get on board with API cloud tools such as Zapier, then already users could connect to multiple accounting cloud tools. 

I use google spreadsheet


I use an excel spreadsheet, but it would be great if loyverse had similar features.

I use waveapps as my accounting software. It is free but extremely powerful. A marriage between Loyverse and waveapps would be fantastic.

This is also a possibility
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Usually i put the cost of sale for the price of sale


We use Quickbooks for all expenses and accounting and invoice on a daily basis.


We use a great software called Erply Books. We have created a "customer" for card payments, and create 1 invoice per day by shop. No need to have it more detailed for us.

I do it all by my self. No programs or software

Xero Accounting System 

We use Xero, we are waiting to switch out POS with loyverse (we use it only for kitchen order), because we want switch with a system integrated with Xero.

My business is very small. We have not used any application to track our expenditures. We do it manually.  Thanks to Loyverse we can track our revenue. 


I record expenses manually. But I would look into one of these software now.


We use Simple Comptable (now known as SAGE 50).

I used Excel for my bussiness

Anderson Motta using Loyverse - Brazil / SP - Perfume Store / Cosmetics

I use the free MARKET UP software to control revenue and expenses. This same software is responsible for issuing invoices.
This free software is used by thousands of companies, it would be something smart to integrate the PDV Loyverse.


I use Quickbooks to do all my accounting (on a PC). I use SumUp for my card reader. I use android tablets (lenovo) for orders with your excellent POS software. 


I currently use Xero accounting and manually integrate with Loyverse and other POS applications that do not offer full or relevant integration. Ability to track inventory when integrated is very important in the process, Loyverse please take note. Thank you

Excel  :)

First I want to thank you for this amazing POS System. It is truely flawless for our business. 

We have no accounting program only MS Excel for manual expense tracking and WinTax Pro for our payroll  


We track our expense manually, and use ms excel to be our accounting software

I use Expensify to track my expenses at the moment because with Loyverse I don't need a full blown accounting package.

It would be great if I could have a place where I could compare the two sets of information (sales & expenses) so that I can look at trends. If there was a dashboard view on Loyverse which pulled in the expenses (in summary form) from Loyverse so that I could get an overview of how sales are truly progressing with expenses taken into account it would be very useful. 

Xero & Pastel are too big, bulky & expensive for me as a small business.

Would be lovely if there was some form of expense integration by summer season (October-ish) when business picks up again.

Great new feature set to to focus on!! Thanks

In Canada, harmonized sales tax (HST). I use Google Sheets - it’s free! Tried many times to download free trial of excel, but couldn’t figure out how to configure it for my business. I still record sales on paper too - I’m old fashioned that way. My business is retail, new age shop, will always be a small boutique style that will keep it’s intimate vibe. This shop is my passion and I am so greatful for all the help that companies and individuals out there have provided to keep small businesses alive. 

We use Quickbooks.

I am currently looking into starting to use Wave accounting system. It would really solidify my selection if Loyverse would integrate to Wave. 

I use Boss  

I very much hope that loyverse can upgrade with the expenses feature in the software. It will be helpful since I only manually count per item everyday. I believe other merchants also will support it and totally agreed with the expenses feature. Thank you so much Loyverse!


We don't use any software like Quickbooks to track expenses, we use only MS Excel. 

i don't use any!

Hi loyverse,

Glad for your care, so far I am not using any particular software for recording the expenses. Just using a simple excel sheet. Anyhow your recommendations for any software along with a guide will be very helpful. Also if it's possible for you guys to visit Qatar at anytime and support and train my staff, I am ready to do local marketing for loyverse and can open up a software support center here in Qatar. All this because I am really impressed with loyverse and very much interested in becoming a part of it.

Looking forward for a best positive response.

Saucy Restaurant (Owner)

Salman Sohail.

Qatar is also a Tax free Country so no VAT or Tax
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Santo Inácio do Piauí - Brazil
June 15, 2018

Hi Alex
I use Excel and other software for control
How can this Loyverse software using Quickbooks / Xero, integrated?


José Pinto

I use QuickBooks.

I Loyverse could sync receipts, purchase orders and inventory with QuickBooks, I could take a holiday!

Yes we use quickbooks online


My busniss still new. So I didn't arrange one yet

I use Quickbooks, Excel and budget pulse. It would be nice if both software can be integrated or if you can study what other accounting software are lacking and solve those issues in your own software.

Our expenses are recorded in Xero.  We used Intuits Quick Books for 9 years, but found development slow.

We would love integration of Loyverse to Xero.  It would be very usefull if daily takings broken down could be automaticly recorded into Xero, to reduce manual entry errors.


Hii..loyverse team

My Name is Andik and I come from Indonesia

There is one of accounting software that good enough and fit for the entrepreneur to use it and it's called jurnal simple online accounting, for more info and know about how is the software u can visit to and I looking forward you guys able to integration with them. Thanks a lot


We use WAVE accounting (great free accounting software).

Hi we use IQ Retail, you can open the inventory module on the system to all users and not only to subscribers 

Hello, I use Excel to track my expenses & also for calculating  P/L Accounts.

Many thanks

Excell into Quickbooks.

It would help alot of you could make this happen!

Currently in Indonesia only businesses that has income USD 330.000 a year that will be required to submit a complete financial report for tax purposes. Below that, only required to submit the total amount of sales per month and the government will charge 1% out of sales.

But if the business getting bigger and reach USD 330.000 a year then the complete financial statement is required. Therefore I agree that Loyverse should have integrated accounting software to anticipate growing sales by the businesses in Indonesia. Having integrated accounting software will also ease the newly establish businesses in adopting Loyverse.

I myself will also use loyverse POS for my TOURISM and LAUNDRY business. I love this software.

We use SAGE (use to be Simply accounting).

And yes an integration APP would be very appreciated.

no software all is handwritten

Visa eaccounting

I use a very user friendly software which is called MANAGER. It is what we might call Accounting software for nerds but very simple logic and it works fine with everything which a SME can expect from an accounting package. 

I use Quickbooks, I record a daily sales receipt using the information from Loyverse but I have to do it manually each time, there is no way to submit multiple sales. As stated, it could be done monthly with a total sales and this would save time but I like to see daily information as it more accurately reflects the business for analysis. It would be great if this information could be posted automatically by Loyverse. I already use an app which reads my receipts and posts my expenses to Quickbooks. If Loyverse did the same my book keeping would be almost fully automated with only reconciliations to do. 


I use Quickbooks to register my sales, expenses, purchases, stocks and etc. it would be a lot easier if you guys can integrate Loyverse into it or vice versa.



I use Wave accounting to track my expenses and income.

I use SQL Accounting



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