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Canceling Receipts



Sometimes Loyverse users face a situation where a receipt is made by mistake. For instance, the receipt has the wrong payment type. Until now, the only way to fix the mistake was to make a refund of the receipt and then make a new receipt with the correct data. In this case, the sale data from the wrong receipt was still taken into account for some report parameters, which caused inconvenience.

With the cancellation of the receipts feature, you can avoid this situation. The canceled receipts are still visible in the receipts list in the Back Office with a “canceled” mark.


A canceled receipt is not taken into account in the reports.

For more details about cancellation of the receipts, see help article: How to Cancel Receipts

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On 2/4/2020 at 4:50 PM, CZDH said:

Would be more useful if you can do this on the POS.

On the POS the sale can be refunded. Than someone with access to back office can cancel both the refund and the original receipts in order not to appear on the reports, but also guarantee important data won't be deleted by chance.

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