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Rodrigo Díaz


The Power of Unity

We started the business (Indika Saigon) because I and my partner had the same idea and concept for a place. We are both Dj, so we wanted to have a place to play our music (reggae, dub and hip-hop music).

We provide a great place to chill with great atmosphere, food and drinks!

We also wanted a unique place, so we looked for a special location and found it.


We are based in Saigon, Vietnam and our local community is about music, drinking beer and meeting friends in a chill environment.

I found Loyverse Point of sale when I was looking for free POS system for small business solution because we had no budget for that. I would definitely recommend because it’s easy to use and have a great customer service.

Our goal is to become a great popular place in Saigon, Vietnam. To achieve this goal we just follow our vibe, try our best and never give up!

I don’t really have any advice for retailers, or maybe one advice would be to simplify the price to round number, so you don’t struggle too much with the change!


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