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At-Risk Youth Gains Valuable Skills from Using Loyverse

Rodrigo Díaz


Our Turnaround Cafe started with a need to provide real work training and experience for at risk youth involved in the Wayne County criminal justice system. The need was to help them have something on their resume that proved the youth have dedication, drive, communication and customer service skills.

Beginning with a few weeks of team building , leadership, and job readiness, we opened a coffee cart business that has grown quickly into a retail space. The young people have been involved since the beginning making key decisions in their business.


Could you describe to us a bit about your local community?

We are located in the New Center district of Detroit Michigan. This is a professional office building giving the youth opportunity to interact with professionals from many different careers.

How did you find Loyverse POS and why would you recommend Loyverse POS to other retailers like you?

The youth actually researched and considered many POS systems. They chose Loyverse over others for visual appeal, ease of operation, and high ratings. It was important that it could be used offline and they knew that eventually wanted the customer loyalty program. If you are looking for a cafe POS system that is simple to understand and forgiving when mistakes are made this is a good app.

What is the goal for your business and what are your plans to achieve this goal?

Our goal is to become a profitable business that will lend itself to continual the staff turnover as we plan to train a new group of youth every 4 months. After being trained in working for 4 months our goal is that the youth will have everything they need to find a customer service job in their own community. We are currently seeking financing so that we can continue to upgrade our retail space and offer more products.

Do you have any advice for retailers such as yourself? -E.g. Something that you wish you had known earlier.

We are just getting started and it would be premature to offer advice to anybody at this stage. I will point out that the creators and operators of this system are very involved in assuring that businesses using there system are provided with all the support needed to successfully operate this POS system. Choosing Loyverse has been one decision that has been problem free.

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