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Introducing Loyverse to Entrepreneurs in Costa Rica

Rodrigo Díaz


Costa Rica(Kostariko) is a beautiful and peaceful country. It has no army and is rated one of the happiest places in the world. The Coffee tradition here is strong and we are proud of the quality of our products. Before this I will give some background information on the area.

We have some important local industries and an increasing amount of transnational companies that want to take advantage of our natural resources. Nevertheless the most rapid growth can be seen in small and medium enterprises created by families, groups of small investors, women who sustain their families by themselves and, as in our case, a group of young entrepreneurs who are beginning to navigate the business sea.

Bureaucracy in Costa Rica can be tough which adds to the risk of creating businesses alongside heavy start-up costs and paperwork. For us, the outcome is worth the challenge and investment.

We decided to run a coffee shop in which we hope to start business before the end of the year. We will develop this as a brand supported not only by known coffee producers, but also implementing our own ideas and wishes. This is how loyalty enters my story (this is the best part!).

Loyverse Coffee Shop POS is projected to reduce the implementation costs and to be a pillar stone in day to day labor helping us create a fundamental connection with customers through a mobile app (Loyalty Ocean). So far this looks good and exceeds our expectations. We are currently in the planning phase of our project, so I’ll keep you guys updated once we have tangible results.

Since 1984, my family also runs a men’s clothing store. My dad is an old fashioned entrepreneur who refuses to change. Last night I showed him this app. He smiled and approved to test it for our business, but this story is for another day…

Written by Sebastian from Costa Rica

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