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I Wish I Had Found Loyverse Earlier

Rodrigo Díaz



Originally I moved from London to Budapest and had planned to start my own coffee shop. I started just a few months ago so my business (Sly’s Coffee & Bar) is still just small, we do breakfast and brunch during the day but in the evenings we are more like a bar, since it is located in the party area of Budapest, Hungary. It follows a 2 in 1 concept.

I had used POS systems before and knew the benefits of having one, so I have been searching for a good one for a while now. Luckily I came across Loyverse free Coffee Shop POS whilst searching for a free pos system that gives the benefit of a back office. I would recommend it because it gives you much better control over everything. It makes doing your work so much easier in terms of sales and stock control. The daily message you get if you are low or out of stock is also such a great tool, as it keeps you one step ahead.

I have tried a few before, but I wish I had found this one before, as it is the complete package. All the others have something hidden or are somehow misleading, like getting you to try them, then trapping you into using them.

It is very user friendly, so it just takes a minute for me to teach my staff how to use it. Thanks for creating such a great program especially for such a small business like mine.




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