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Thank God I Found Loyverse for My Coffee Shop in Hanoi city, Vietnam

Rodrigo Díaz


Ever since I had been a university student, I have had a passion in coffee business. After graduation, I had worked in the telecoms industry for years. I also loved drinking coffee. When I grew older, I decided to open my own coffee shop. I started looking for a fresh pure bean organic coffee on the internet and discovered the Cu Bao coffee brand which caught my interest. I decided to use this brand for my shop.

Could you describe a bit about your local community?

My coffeeshop is locating in a small, beautiful, and peaceful street in the old quarter of Hanoi city, Vietnam. There are many tourists from other countries.

How did you find Loyverse POS and why would you recommend Loyverse POS to other retailers like you?

I found Loyverse on the Android app store. Thank God I found Loyverse free POS app for my coffee shop. This is a very valuable app. You will be delighted with all its meaningful functions. I love the back office where I can see the sale column and visually compare charts from day to day.


The app’s support team is quite quick to give you help by chatting on app itself.I like some apps on the store and often use POS to support my coffeeshop business.

What is the goal for your business and what are your plans to achieve this goal?

My goal is to create 3-5 more coffeeshops here.

Do you have any advice for retailers such as yourself? -E.g. Something that you wish you had known earlier.
Keep searching and looking for opportunities. Work hard and do it with your heart, investing 200%.


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