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From Manual to Mastery: How an entrepreneur from the Dominican Republic Transformed His Beachside Business Empire with Loyverse



In this opportunity, we meet Mr. Ariel, who shares with us how, with his experience, curiosity, and planning, he has used the best resources at his disposal and has become a successful entrepreneur in his region.


How long have you been using Loyverse? How did you manage the data of your business before Loyverse?

Previously, we did all the business management manually, but due to the flow of the business, we needed to implement a different system. I was interested in a point of sale, as in my profession as a computer engineer, I knew the importance of adapting a system to the business. Therefore, I felt the need to opt for a type of online POS service.

Asking some friends and searching on the internet, I found this program. I tried it for a few days, and I liked it. I even had contact with people from your company, with an online meeting and chat, they gave me a lot of information, assistance on every question I had. After a trial of the system, I settled on it. I also have some clients in my country who started using it after I recommended it.


Could you tell us about that experience, any particular feature that made you realize that Loyverse was what you needed for your business?

The software, with its tools, sales processes, and inventory, was important, however, what caught my attention was the workflow, the ease with which people become familiar with the interface. I say this because I am in one of the regions of my country that does not have many computer resources, but even if people do not have advanced knowledge of technology or have not handled a point-of-sale system before, Loyverse is a straightforward and simple option to handle in a few days of using it the staff already mastered the tools because the interface is very friendly.

What type of business do you handle with Loyverse at the moment?

We currently have different types of businesses, and we manage different stores in the same Loyverse account. Some of them are restaurants that operate on the beach, as well as beverage stores. We also have a warehouse from which we distribute the goods to the businesses on the beach.




Do you think Loyverse has helped streamline the operations of the different types of businesses you manage? 

Of course, with Loyverse, I manage the inventory of all of them, and when making sales, we can add different devices to the system, such as scanners and printers, to speed up the sales. Mainly because our business is on the beach and there are times of the day when we have a very high flow of customers. If I have a line of people waiting in line, it is easy to process all the payments, record all the products on the ticket, and keep accurate inventory management.

I use the Advanced Inventory version, which has helped me a lot in the day-to-day processes with the detailed inventory management of all the stores. We also work with the wholesale of the products since we have a store that works as a supplier for other businesses, and the inventory management is handled 100% with the Loyverse program.


You mentioned previously that you have contacted Loyverse Customer Service several times; how was your experience with support? 

Yes, I have asked many questions. In the beginning, and since working with IT, I was inquisitive to learn more about how Loyverse works. If I had any questions, I immediately contacted Loyverse, and they answered me quickly and helped me with recommendations on how to use the tools I had not used before. 




Do you remember any of these recommendations that the team shared with you? 

Yes, one of them was related to inventory management. I wanted to modify some items, and I wanted to add a whole category from one account to another, the team recommended exporting the list of items, making some modifications in Excel, and then uploading that information with the changes directly to another store and it was very helpful. They gave me advice, and with the video tutorials that you have, I was able to follow the instructions, and it worked correctly.


Regarding the analysis of the reports handled by Loyverse. Have you used them to understand the performance of your business?

On a day-to-day basis, when a person starts a business, he/she has to rely on investors or the Bank to get started. In my case, since I started with an investment from the Bank, I always had to be clear about my goals and my metrics of what my monthly gross profit would be in order to be able to function correctly and organize both my payroll and the money from the investment. Also based on the reports, I can see what type of product is the leader that I have in my business, and thus understand how I should renew the inventory. With all that data at the end of a period, I can make decisions, and know how to manage the profits we get with our sales. 




How would you summarize the impact of Loyvers on your business? 

One of the experiences that my friends and employees have mentioned frequently is the improvement of having all the information easily in the palm of your hand; with any type of electronic device, be it Android or iOS, it is possible to make sales and keep track of your business inventory from anywhere in the country since it is online. 

Additionally, one of my favorite tools is that you can manage the employees’ working hours, when they clock in and when they clock out, and calculate the hours worked is fascinating. Many people who work here in the region have asked me about the program I use. I have recommended to them to go to the Loyverse website, and since it is a tourist area, they don't want to be left behind, and some of them have implemented Loyverse as well. 

I believe that Loyverse is a platform that is in constant development and that is always adapting to the needs of the clients, and I see a lot of benefits in the future.

Would you like to share any message or experience for the people reading this article?


Loyverse business owners can have all the data they need to make a financial projection and detailed and accurate inventory management, which is the most challenging part of the business. 

When we decide to have some kind of business, we must know that there was an investment capital, and it is necessary to know where that money has been used and, where that money is, and when you will have a return. 

With Loyverse you can make a deep analysis and a follow-up of your investment, with the Advanced Inventory, we can see the purchases that we have made to the suppliers, and we can also see the management or the modification of all the products. When we can make a detailed follow-up with the data we have from Loyverse, we can easily know where our capital is in a fast and simple way. Loyverse helps you save time, and you don't need to hire an external accounting person to do that job for you.

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Very inspiring entrepreneurship! Thank you so much for sharing your great experiences😃

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