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Barkono Grill: Loyverse POS has been the change that we needed in our restaurant!



Barkono is everything grills, they serve you amazing freshly grilled Lamb Chops, Goat meat, Steak, Chicken, Shawarma, Burgers, Yams and Potatoes, and all your favorite grills. Based in Abuja, Nigeria, they share with us their 4-year experience in the food industry. 

Can you briefly describe your business?

We operate in the food and beverage department in Abuja, the capital city of Nigeria. We are into restaurant and bar services. The restaurant opened 4 years ago. Barkono is a local name.  Barkono means pepper, and we decided to name this restaurant Barkono because we use many pepper spices on our menu. And the owner has a passion for grilling, that’s why the business is called “Barkono grill”. We started the business to serve our local customers and grow step by step and why not offer our services outside the local environment as well. 


How does your business stand out from other competitors?

We have a special brand that we promote in our business. As the name suggests, we offer grills, and our grills are very special and cannot be found anywhere even outside the local environment. Even if you go to our social media like Instagram, you will see comments about the good service. We do a lot of delivery too, which is something not most food and beverages businesses do. We cater events as well. 

When did you first learn about Loyverse?

We started using Loyverse in 2019. Loyverse has been the change that we needed. It offers a good financial report for our business. 


What features of Loyverse have been more beneficial to your business?

We use the POS to take orders in the restaurant and we have found the Back office very useful for checking the reports and keep track of our activities, profit, and losses. We are using Employee Management, and it is very good, especially the restriction of access rights which permits the owner to protect sensitive information.

What message would you give to other entrepreneurs?

It is always good to use a terminal like Loyverse to run your business because it will allow you to manage your business efficiently and get maximum output and results. 


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Expanding channels within your niche! That's smart.

P.S: Bye Bye diet

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