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Accept Credit Card Payments with SumUp

Rodrigo Díaz


Card and mobile payments are a usual headache for many merchants, especially in our growing cashless society. But fortunately, there exist solutions, like SumUp, whose goal is to make life easier for you as well as to provide a seamless experience for your customers.

During the last years, Sumup has become a leader credit card processor company in Europe thanks to their unique device that allows small merchants to accept card payments anywhere.

Such is their success that today SumUp is used by tens of thousands satisfied merchants in countries like Germany, the U.S., and Brazil. Numbers that keep increasing as they announce their expansion to 15 new European countries, which makes a total of 31 countries where they operate. This only reflects the wealth of the cashless ecosystem in Europe and in the world, with more and more business owners taking part of it.

This is the famous Air reader that has launched the European company to the top:


These are technically 2 different readers: the classic Air reader, used among all European countries (Left picture); and the US version (Right image), a PIN pad-less credit card reader that accommodates to its market expectations.

An all in one solution that connects to your phone or tablet via Bluetooth and supports magstripe, EMV/chip cards, and contactless payments, including Apple Pay.

The only cost is a one-off price for the card reader and a competitive transaction fee that varies among countries (1,95% in the United Kingdom and 2,75% in the USA among others). 

Loyverse POS & SumUp

Loyverse POS joins hands with SumUp to provide a complete, accessible and easy to use solution for small business. The Air reader fully integrates with the Loyverse POS app making the card payment process smooth and delightful. 

As a Loyverse user, you can complete your hardware set of tablets, printers, cash drawer and barcode scanner with the SumUp’s credit card reader.


SumUp is today the choice of many experienced business owners and of those who are new in the field of accepting card payments. If you didn’t decide for a payment gateway yet, this could be the right solution to bring your business to the new level. Your customers will for sure be happy to know they can now choose from a wider variety of payment methods! 


Picture: Coupe Coupe barbershop from Belgium using SumUp together with Loyverse POS.

Find the Right POS software for your business

Managing your business is never more comfortable thanks to Loyverse POS, a complete tool that transforms your tablet at a point of sale solution. Inventory management features, sales reports, credit card payments with SumUp and much more to help you start and grow your business.

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