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Updates of Loyverse - Time Clock and Dining Options

Rodrigo Díaz


Loyverse team continuously thinks about users of Loyverse POS app and they do their best to keep improving according to their users expectations. The recent release brings new features we think you will find very useful.

Loyverse POS for iOS gets a significant boost regarding ordering and employee management. And we will also talk about an important addition regarding access rights for employees.

Down below you will find a description for all of them.

1. Dining options

Dining options allow you to quickly note whether customers are dining in, taking their order out, or requesting delivery. This feature is especially convenient for Restaurant or Cafe where it’s needed to specify the order options out of preset values. 

Create as many options as you need, they will appear in the printed receipts as well as in the kitchen tickets. No more manual work! Now you can automate and speed up the ordering and preparation process.


Consult our dedicated manual to learn more about how to set up Dining Options

2. Time Clock option 

With this new feature managing employees’ performance becomes easier than ever. Now you can activate a time clock that can be used by your employees at the Loyverse POS app to clock in and out easily. 

Using the clock feature will provide you with employees’ working hours. This important information can be managed at the Back Office and can be used for payroll purposes.


If you want to start using the Clock feature you can follow the steps described in our help page: Using Time Clock to Track Employees Hours

3. New access rights for employees

We listened to your concerns to add new access rights to prevent personnel theft scenarios.

This feature applies to the iOS and Android version of Loyverse POS. Now you can select at the Back Office whether your cashier should see the expected amount of cash or not, during and when closing shift. 

And you can also set access rights to void saved items in open tickets.

We wish that you can feel safe knowing that your favorite POS is secure enough to reduce theft possibilities as much as possible.



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