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Healthy food contributes to the health of its customers and the well-being of the environment.



In this opportunity, we interviewed Klaus, the owner and manager of a restaurant in the south of Brazil aims to provide healthy food but also seeks a positive impact not only for its customers but also for the environment by opting for a natural process from the production of its ingredients to the packaging of its products.


Could you introduce yourself and talk a little about KJ Natural Food?

My name is Klaus, together with my wife Janaina, we created KJ natural food. Initially, we had a job focused on pet food, we were preparing natural food made for puppies. As time went by, we changed, updated and today we work with healthy meals for people. My wife is the cook, she is the one who organizes the menu, I am in charge of the administration of the company. In our restaurant, we have as a principle to minimize the use of industrialized products, for this reason, we focus on the ingredients we use in our meals. Our priority is to offer food as healthy as possible, in this time, we have contacted several companies that follow this same line and allow us to improve our business. For example, we had been looking for packaging that had little or no negative impact on the environment, and we chose ecofoodpack packaging for our dishes because they also have a sustainable policy in all manufacturing processes and projects with the local community around them.




How did the idea for the business come about?

The idea came from my wife, who is a nutritionist, we like sports and healthy food, and over time we discovered that it was possible to expand the habits that we had at home. Initially, we offered our meals for family members, then it was transformed, and we expanded for more people. There are many recipes for meals that come from her ancestors, mainly from her mother, and we found that it would be interesting to contribute with a vision of food that does not focus only on the product itself but also on its preparation and the origin of the products to prepare that food. Our work philosophy has always honored and valued the entire production chain, paying attention to the beginning of the creation of each dish. Valuing the work of the small farmer, the families that preserve a planting process without aggression to the soil, and above all, collaborating with those who preserve nature by generating this wealth of food that will reach the final consumer's home




How did you find Loyverse?

I was looking for a printer to facilitate daily activities to avoid writing down paper orders, receipts, etc., then through a Youtube video, I found a person who worked with printers and used the Loyverse system and I found it interesting how it was configured. Loyverse offered us a solution with the printer that would make my day-to-day life easier. I noticed that Loyverse automatically removes from inventory the products I sold, automatically in addition to the printing, I no longer needed to enter the stock to withdraw the products that were sold, it is very practical in this sense.




What do you think is the most useful tool Loyverse has for your business?

The most useful tool for us is the printing of the receipt, the possibility to configure and customize it and the system automatically issues the receipt at the moment of the sale. The system sends it to the POS receipt list of the POS where the sale was made and then removes the product from the stock, so it speeds up the activities, it is not necessary to do the manual operation. We also use the Back Office. Our Back Office has all the data, step by step we are feeding the page with sales and it is providing reports and everything else, that characteristic is very interesting too.


Are you currently using the free version, or are you using a paid element?

For now, the free version, mainly because it is very practical, is accessing everything from the cell phone. At any time I am on my cell phone, I enter the application, I can send information to the printer and at the same time, if necessary, I can contact the client by phone, so I end up doing many things through the application. I have been looking for some integration with some media and recently found that Loyverse has an integration to send receipts via WhatsApp. We will use the Integration as this will make it easier to communicate with the customer. We also work with iFood and Loyverse has that connection with Otter integration, which works with Delivery platforms. This year another Delivery app closed its operation in Brazil, so the use of iFood became stronger, we should take advantage of this tool.




Could you tell us what your business goal for the future is?

Initially, it would be an expansion that we are doing now, today we operate in Curitiba, but we are planning to go to other capitals, the first would be Florianopolis, and in relation to the company, at this time, we only deliver food at home, but the future goal is to have that space to not only be a kitchen preparing food but also have a space to receive people, and I am also a musician, then we would really like to join the part of gastronomy with the cultural part of music, this would be a long-term goal. 


Would you like to leave a message, mainly to other businesses and other users?

Well, the message I leave is that first, take one step at a time, it is good to dream and have plans or place high goals, but mainly it is important to take one step at a time and organization, you have the data in your hands, which in this case Loyverse offers you, this is vital because many end up venturing and the pandemic showed the importance of having an organization, or a database, the system itself, today technology is made for that, optimize our time and facilitate our work, that gives a basis for it to be possible to go through a crisis. We must always keep in mind that the organization allows us to see how far we can go, in that way, you do not end up going into debt, because you can end up going bankrupt and the business does not go forward. The organization allows you to see that sometimes it is worth waiting longer to take the next step because you can do it with concrete data in your hands, and Loyverse gives you enough data with the reports to make decisions, and make the business grow and live.


Thank you very much, Klaus for your time and for sharing your experience with us.

We are very grateful for this space and the staff that works to keep the system up to date and the online support. We appreciate the opportunity to contribute to our daily experiences.



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