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A Pet-Friendly Cafe confirms Loyverse as a game changer for its smooth utility



Neve Cordero, the owner of the Brainstorm and Brews Café in the Philippines, has a clear mission: to feed abandoned dogs and cats at least once a day and provide jobs for the youth, expanding the branch around the Cavite area. Let’s see how Loyverse is helping her already to achieve this goal.


Tell us about your business and how did it start


I'm Neve Cordero. I am the owner of Brainstorms and  Brews cafe. And we started this business with the thought of contributing to the community because of our family. We rescue dogs and cats, and then at the same time, we travel, so when we travel, we go to different coffee shops, and various cafes. 


So the coffee recipes we taste when traveling, we want to bring them here. At the same time, we wish that wherever we have a branch, despite the location of the store in the community, we reserve food for strays (dogs and cats). Like the one that we had in Naic (branch). When we started building there, we had reserved food for dogs and cats. We were surprised by the number of strays that went there every day and we made water available to them. 


We aim to be able to help stray cats and dogs so that they may eat at least once a day and that they have access to clean water as well.


What POS were you using before?


So we used to use another POS before, wherein we had to pay an expensive subscription fee, so when I put up the business, of course, anyone who puts up a business wants to use the best tools. You want to use the best equipment, so if you're out of budget sometimes, you do it because you think that this is for the efficiency of the business, to track the inventory and all. After all, the POS subscription was very expensive. And then, when we tried the POS, it was so complicated; it was difficult to navigate. The support was available 24/7 like whenever you need help support is there when you need it, like in Loyverse. But it would be better if you could do something by yourself without asking for support at every step.


Which features help you the most?


So, I started to look for other POS. And then we found Loyverse, so when we tried Loyverse,  I liked it because it had features that I didn't see in the one we used before. For example, for the CDS and KDS, we don’t need to pay extra for their features and there are no hidden fees; it’s very straightforward.


When I started paying for one employee, I found everything I needed was there. I love Loyverse, it gives me visibility of what's happening in both stores, even when I'm not physically here or there.


Also, when we travel, I don't have to call them and ask, “What do you need there? what are the running lows there?” because just with the Loyverse Dashboard app I can already see it. Loyverse wants to provide an efficient product where you don’t have to break your back and it doesn’t ask for expensive fees for every single feature like the previous one. That is what I like about Loyverse!


With Loyverse actually, it's been four years since we started using Loyverse; I never had to contact your support, never! Because, it's very straightforward if you need something, it’s there.

You can just Google everything or read the articles from the Help center and follow the step-by-step tutorials. For example, connecting to a customer display, we just looked up the help center and how to do it.


Where did you find Loyverse?


It was referred to me by my brother. When we tried it, in the beginning, I couldn't believe it was free, that those features that I used to pay for were free. With Loyverse, you just pay for, you know, the number of employees that you need and then you can manage their access rights.


What is your goal in the future like after 5 yrs?


We want is to saturate the entire Cavite area, because when we think of expanding, we also think of the jobs that we can make available to the people. When we hire, what we look at is their willingness to learn, giving chances to everyone, so in the next five years, maybe my goal is to saturate the entire Cavite area, maybe like to open 7,8, or 9 stores.




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Is there anything better than a delicious Coffee plus Pet Friendly? I don't think so! 😍

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