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A technology company that uses its learning and experiences to grow hand in hand with Loyverse.



We spoke with Mr. Adonis, owner of the Simpletech store, and he told us about his commitment to customer service and offering the best quality, and the perseverance it took to get where he is today.

Please tell us a little about starting your business

My business is located in Nicaragua, we currently have a presence in Managua, Granada, and another in Esteli. We have 5 points in total. We all have them equipped with Loyverse, for administration.

We started in December 2019, just at the beginning of the Pandemic. We were looking for a way to order the business and the numbers, and we started testing other applications. In February 2020 we found Loyverse, and we saw that it is truly superior to the others.



When you started did you have a store?

We started 100% online, we did not have a point of sale. It was like an experiment of the model to test the products that we could sell, and then we began to grow until we opened several points of sale. Initially, we used the free version of Loyverse, and as we grew we saw the need to use more tools, which also motivated us to make those investments that are not expensive for a small business, Recently, we acquired subscriptions. We are paying for the management service for employees who work with 3 points of sale.

An experience that I would like to share was that an employee log out of the application, and in order to enter, he had to log in, but we were away from the store at the time, so we had to share the owner's username and password through chat, the problem is that with that password he could enter the back office if the employee wanted. At that time, I did not know that it was possible to manage access right for my employee to use his own email and password.

At the moment the only payment service that we have in Loyverse is because the application is complete. That is one of the best features because it is very good for a business starting from 0. Of course, when we grow, we will invest in some other tools that suit our needs.




How did you find Loyverse?

We tried other apps first, but they were showing a lot of inconsistencies in the numbers, suddenly sales would be wiped out, or inventory would suddenly change, and that's not good for the control we need.

We already knew about Loyverse, but a supplier of the Hardware that we bought, including the printer that we use with the app, recommended it to us and we decided to try it.

What is the tool that you use the most and what has made you stay with Loyverse to this day?

Well, I love the statistics of the reports that the Back Office system shows, I love that information, the ease of use to invoice, to add clients, I really like that it has a loyalty program included, it allows you to show the client that has accumulated points, then allows you to redeem them as a form of a discount on your ticket. I also like the part of the barcode that allows you to scan them from the device that has the app installed without using another scanning tool, it's very good. I know it has more free features, but for my business of retailing products, it's a simple system and it's enough for me.

A tool that I already know is the Advanced Inventory, it is more automated but at the moment I use the free stock tracking, and I do some things manually.



What are your goals for the future, the goals of your business?

In the short term we plan to open the wholesale sale, it is something we are already working on and we intend to always continue with the Loyverse service for that part. serious, in the medium term, we want to develop our own line of products, or accessories, for different niches such as cell phones, computers, and smart homes, everything that has to do with accessories in technology.

We want to develop our own line of products, so that would be if, for a range of 5 years, our goal is to have at least a couple of our own products enabled and start the work of having the brand recognized, we want to enter Amazon in that time. That is the vision.

Is there any experience from these years in the business that you would like to share?

Honestly, we didn't struggle that much, it was the best season for us when we were starting. Analyzing our growth with Loyverse since we registered the sales numbers, we have been growing and we are currently at a stable point, but we have not gone down, thank God. For some divine reason, our business did not have any problems adapting to the pandemic, it was where we grew the most to be able to have capital with which we currently remain stable.

To finish, would you like to leave a message for the people who are going to read the article and for the new entrepreneurs?

Of course, we do. First of all, we are only 3 years old, so we are a new business, but the process behind that, behind the success of what Simple Tech is, behind the dedication of my wife and me in this business is a process of almost ten years this is not the first business that I try to start, I have started several businesses. So my message is that success depends on failure, that's why my message to new entrepreneurs would be “Always stay, don't give up, if you fall, get back up, be very strategic when doing business and mainly passion and perseverance because the entrepreneurship is not for anyone, that is, mainly to stay.

Something that I have recently learned that I applied for the first time with this entrepreneurship was not to invest 100% of what I had available. It is very good to make numbers first and start with that information. Part of what I have learned on this journey is to experiment with little because we can still have the ability to continue experimenting and try before ending up at zero.

I thank you very much for your time and we wish you success on your way.

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