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Loyverse helps the owner of the Spanish winery to serve his customers fast and effectively.



Agüita, ‘El Born Wine Bar’, is the place to taste and buy special wines made handcrafted by winemakers loving their terroir. It offers cheeseboards, charcuterie, salmon, and other delicatessen selected to pair with their wines to make you enjoy a beautiful dinner. The owner of Agüita, Mr. Joan Jofra, shared with us why he decided to own a wine bar and how he implemented Loyverse in his business. 

When did you open your wine shop and why did you choose this type of business? 

I have been a wine lover and the previous owner offered me to buy Agüita one year and a half ago. I have been an IT boy for over 40 years. I gave my IT business to my son. Now, I decided to change direction and I am trying to sell wine. It was just 5 months before the COVID. We have been closed for one year, from March 2020 until May 2021. Now, we have been open for 5-6 weeks. I cannot say that it is going great, but at least we are open. The problem is that 80% of our customers are tourists and now tourists are not coming to Barcelona because of the COVID. 


What is your philosophy in business? 

It is very easy: Keep the customer satisfied and give him the product he needs. It is quite interesting in the wine business because when somebody enters through the door you need to understand what would this person like to drink, what type of wine and what food he would like to eat. I like to spend time in the afternoon in the winery and make contact with the clients and try to understand them.

What is your goal for the next 10 years? 

Now I am focusing all my energy on recovering from being more than one year closed. My first goal was to open an online shop and I achieved this goal during the COVID. My second goal is to start a wine distribution business. This is something I am planning to do in 2023. 


When did you start using Loyverse? 

I started using Loyverse from the first day I opened the winery. I needed a system to be able to create the invoices, receipts and help me manage the inventory of my items. 

How did you first learn about Loyverse? 

I was searching online for a point of sale system. I read many articles and recommendations about POS software and then decided to use Loyverse. What attracted my attention was that Loyverse is a cloud-based system and I needed a system that my employees can use in my store but at the same time, I can check all the activity from my work office which is in another location. 


What is the feature that you like most in Loyverse? 

The thing that I like most about Loyverse is its simplicity. It is very easy to sell a product and create a receipt. I can take the phone from my pocket and create a receipt in less than 30 seconds. I subscribed to Employee Management and Advanced Inventory as well. 

What would you like to see in Loyverse in the future? 

The feature that I would like to be added to Loyverse is the ability to return products to the suppliers. If my supplier brings me some bottles that are damaged or in bad shape and I need to return these products back, it is not possible for me to register this in Loyverse. I would like to create a document similar to the Purchase order document that I can send to my supplier.


What message would you like to give to the Loyverse Team? 

Keep improving the system and continue listening to your customers the same way as you are doing now with this interview. 



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