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A company specialized in sales of products for the home and gastronomy has found all they need in Loyverse POS!



Bazzar & Company is a company specialized in the sale of all kinds of products, such as kitchen products, carpentry supplies, garden products, etc. It operates in Argentina. Argentina is a country with very little production. Most of the products are imported and Bazar agrees to sell products through suppliers that do business with other countries. Bazaar&Co has several branches. We met with Mr. Huang, who runs one of them.

How did you start this business?

I was born and raised in Argentina. I am grateful for this fact. I believe this is an opportunity and I should benefit from it. Argentina is a developing country. After World War II, it was badly affected. 

Here we have the opportunity to start doing what other countries have been doing for a long time. I like the idea of contributing to the development of technology and business in my country. Learning from other countries, such as the United States, Europe, China and Taiwan, they are highly developed and have very fierce competition in the business world. At the same time, in Argentina, there is a lot of space to try to bring new things that were previously unknown. 

I started working with Bazzar & Company in 2017. My friend and I were invited to participate in its event. At first, our goal was to earn a living, not to face the difficulties that most people in Argentina face. Here, most people make a little money and find it difficult to meet what can be classified as basic needs. Over time, my friends and I understand that there is a mentality: work only satisfied the basic needs of life, it was not enough to start a business. What we need is to add value. 

Currently, our main objective is to make it easier for customers to find a product. For example, Amazon offers all the products someone might need to provide from a single platform. We want something similar, but incorporating with the Argentine culture, establish more physical stores, because in our country it is not yet popular to work with the Internet.

Our customers like to walk around and touch the products they want to buy. Our goal is "To provide customers with shopping convenience", this is our motto.


How did your company face the year of the pandemic?

We spent a lot of money last year because our country was in the second stage during the pandemic. Most of the companies were closed. However, we explore other opportunities, such as trading behind closed doors. We take advantage of this period to learn new things, among which is the Loyverse POS system. We started subscribing to Loyverse in 2020.

How did you find Loyverse?

When we started our business, we worked with a manual labeler, which we used to generate price tags for the products. We understand that this process is time consuming. That is why we began to look for a new way to facilitate our work. We need a point of sale, so I started doing research on the Internet. The first one to show up in the research results is Loyverse. What attracts me the most is that Loyverse is  a European software, but it works globally.

We are from Taiwanese who were born in Argentina. What struck me is that the Loyverse supports the Chinese language, which gives me more opportunities to understand and handle it.


Are you using the free or paid version of Loyverse?

We are using the paid version. We subscribed to Advanced Inventory and Employee Management. Since it provides the complete service and also because it is a satisfactory price that you can accept as a beginner in entrepreneurship. 

Which feature of Loyverse will be marked as most useful for your business?

Generally speaking, all the features of Loyverse suit me and benefit my work. First of all, it is possible to add items, manage their prices, manage inventory, and you can manage employee access permission functions in a very simple way. The challenge for me is that for some specific operations, like adding an item with variants or composite items, I need to go to the Back office. It will be more convenient if I can do it directly from the app. In my opinion, the advantage of Loyverse is that it gives you the ability to manage your store from a simple mobile device. I can control and work without being in my premises, but it would be ideal if I could choose to perform more operations from the Loyverse POS application without going to the Back office. For a company, this will be a true innovation. This will also distinguish the Loyverse POS application from all other POS software.

I really like the options that Employee Management offers to restrict employee access. I have used this feature so they can only use POS and I can make sure my employees cannot access my confidential information. I must emphasize that we are still new to using Loyverse and are not yet familiar with all the features. However, we are learning step by step. It takes some time to use it 100%.


What do you think needs to be improved in Loyverse?

I'd like to make suggestions on label printing for items. I think the display of labels is limited. The price range is small and most of our customers, who are elderly, have difficulty reading them. I would like this function to be more customizable, which means that we can add a design or other elements. I like this feature because it is so simple, you only need to click one, but I just hope it gives you a chance to customize it.

What message do you want to convey to the Loyverse team?

Do not forget the main entrepreneurial spirit of Loyverse. Although it has developed a lot now, always maintaining humility, It is an international service, you have to have a broad look and mind to lead in this area. Due to the fact that customers trust your business, you need to develop and build more trust to inspire more clients like us. It is good to build relationships with customers and develop further together.

We reviewed your Instagram page and noticed that many companies have shared their experience with Loyverse, this gives us much more confidence to use Loyverse in our business. My message is to remember and not forget why it started.



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