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Vegan rice box stores in Indonesia expands with Loyverse



- Could you explain about your business?

My name is Felix from Indonesia, and founder of Hërbox. Hërbox provides vegan rice boxes & catering serving the Jakarta Metropolitan Area. Hërbox is started in 2020 May as a survival project against the COVID-19 pandemic for our business. Originally, our main business was Tyfel Coffee - the vegan Friendly and specialty coffee shop. But, due to the pandemic and lockdown, we adapt, and now we do everything online. Within 1 year we are able to expand to 4 new locations. Now our team consists of 10 people and we are serving in 5 different locations. Our central kitchen is serving the first 24 hours vegan meal in Jakarta. 


- What is the mission of your business?

Our mission is to spread veganism. We want to share a good meal and share the importance of everything coming into our bodies. We carefully manufacture the nutrition we give to our customers, also we want to make it easy to be a vegan. Vegan is never boring. Currently, if someone said they are vegan in Indonesia, most of them will be lowlily estimated, often correlated with Tofu, tempeh, and spinach. We want to change it, so we provide the best vegan food. I’m also a vegan and so proud of it. 


Providing vegan food is not easy, as the market is not familiar and aware yet with Veganism, there are a lot of misconceptions and negative paradigm. So we try to transform all non-vegan food into vegan food. So every week we deliver the newest food. Probably for some food, you can’t imagine that it is “veganized”.We want our customers to feel being vegan is as easy and as delicious as their comfort food.

For example, this burger’s patty (in the picture) is made of soy protein. The mayonnaise is also homemade.

- How does Loyverse benefit your business?

Loyverse helped us a lot, especially in maintaining multi-locations. I think the Loyverse is the best to manage multi-locations. It gives us a lot of insight, easiness in the kitchen, and more control in the Back Office. Loyverse hit all of our requirements.

When I was researching POS, I compared Loyverse with Box, Odoo, and Indonesian local POS. They are also good but expensive, and some of them were buggy. After comparing everything, I thought Loyverse is the best because of its stability and easiness. It’s so easy that we almost had no training for our staff to use and operate with Loyverse, very simple compared to other POS. So we can focus on our job, without thinking about POS, Thank you Loyverse!

- Thank you very much


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