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New functionalities in the Back Office!



We are glad to introduce new functionalities that were just released for the Back Office as a part of the Advanced inventory management: Production and Autofill of items in the purchase order. Also, we have improved the ‘customers’ section in the Back Office. 


Before, if you used composite items, you could only track the stock of its components. But from now on, you can start producing your composite items and track its stock. 

The production functionality can be useful for items that are made in advance, not during ordering. For example, in a bakery. Produced items can be moved between stores by using inventory adjustments and inventory counts.


For more details, check out the help article: How to Work with Production


The autofill option allows you to add items to the purchase order in one click.

After selecting the Supplier and Store for your Purchase order, you can choose one of the autofill options between ‘All items from supplier’ or ‘Low stock items from supplier’. 


The system adds all the items with the selected supplier specified in their attributes to the purchase order. 

For more details, check out the help article:  Autofill of the items in the purchase order

Customer form in the Back Office

You can create a new customer in the Back Office in the Customer base section. You can also edit the data of existing customers: name, number, notes, as well as adjusting his/her points. 


For more details, check out the help article: How to Work with Customer Base in the Back office



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