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Best QR code payment providers for small to medium-sized businesses



Digital payment providers that offer the convenience of payment transaction using mobile phones are rapidly emerging in the global market today. One of the services that has gained popularity in the business world nowadays are QR code payment solutions.

Digital payments using QR codes are solutions that enable merchants to receive payments for their goods and services by providing a QR code for their customers to simply scan to complete the transaction. 

These QR codes are generated by the app or providers and can be displayed on your e-commerce shop or your physical store. Your customers should have the same app your business is using, and scan the code using their phone’s camera. After scanning, they either enter or confirm the amount to complete the transaction. This is seen as an opportunity for merchants to expand their products, services and targets by utilizing a hassle-free, cashless payment method.

In addition to being fast, convenient and secure, here are some other advantages of QR code payments:

  • Cashless Convenience: You no longer have to worry about handling cash or dispensing change. Enjoy the convenience of going cashless.
  • Instant Notifications: Receive instant notifications via the app when you receive payments from customers.
  • Seamless Settlements: Enjoy the benefits of automatic next-day settlements. You can easily transfer what you have earned on the app to your bank account.
  • Comprehensive Reports: Evaluate your progress by viewing daily transaction reports directly through your merchant app.

There are several QR code payment providers in the market today. However, not so many have come close to the global success of China’s Alipay and WeChat. Here, we compiled a list of some of the most popular and most reliable QR code payment providers that you can use for your business. 



Alipay was developed and widely used in China and Asia. It is one of the most leading names in the industry that specializes in cashless payments for both remote and in-store transactions. This payment solution requires customers to scan the QR code provided by the store and then enter the payment amount to complete the transaction. In order to provide an Alipay payment service, merchants need to integrate with Alipay system through the interfaces that are developed for these payment solutions.  

For this, you just have to make sure that both customer and merchant are  connected with the Internet when using the QR code payment solution.

Companies and individually-owned businesses can apply, and there is an application process to follow. You will be required to have a valid business license and some basic information about your store. 


WeChat Pay


WeChat Pay has earned its place as a household name in Asia for multiple payment methods. Their QR code payment feature is one of the most widely used by businesses worldwide as it can be conveniently used in both physical stores and on online websites. After a user uses WeChat to scan the code, the amount is simply entered and the payment is completed. 

Merchants have their own fixed payment collection codes. These payment collection codes can also incorporate key order information to generate a unique QR code for one particular order. This way, there will be no need for the user to enter the amount after scanning the code since the payment can be made after the security checks are passed.

This payment solution is designed for merchants without code scanners or other cash registers that can be used to collect money. 

The application process will require merchants to contact their local WeChat service provider to inquire about the service and terms. After which, they enter into an agreement with the institution as a sub-merchant. Only then can they acquire access to WeChat Pay through the technical and operational support.




Paypal is known worldwide for offering a variety of ways to transact cashless payments. The app now allows merchants to accept payments from their customers using QR codes. If you’re about to start your own business, or already up and running, accepting touch-free payments can never be easier.

You can also download and print your QR code to display it either on your e-commerce shop or in your physical location. They partnered with Vistaprint so your customers can pay cashless with custom business cards, banners and tabletop displays all printed with your QR code.

The process for payment is easy. Just scan, pay, and go. Your customers can simply open the PayPal app, select 'Scan/Pay' and hold the phone up to scan the QR code. Then enter the amount and tap 'Send'. Once the payment confirmation appears, the customer shows it to you, the seller to confirm. 



Mastercard® is a global mobile payment solution that uses QR code for consumers to make fast, secure payments to merchants for goods and services. This payment method has the convenience of cash and the security of a card payment, without needing a card payment terminal.

Mastercard Merchant Presented QR (MPQR) is a Mastercard QR program that enables consumers to pay merchants by scanning their Mastercard QR codes or using manual entry aliases. The MPQR device SDKs and server APIs enable acquiring merchant banks, issuing consumer banks and wallet providers to provide this payment solution:




MTN Mobile Money (MoMo) being simple and safe to use, with no monthly fees to worry about is one of the most popular cashless payment solutions in South Africa. This can be easily accessed on any South African mobile number. Not to mention, you don’t even need a bank account to use this. Their expanding line of features includes making merchants send and receive money as long as their customers are MoMo users. You can also cash-in and cash-out at any MoMo agent or local ATMs.

To join their merchant network and accept MoMo payments and earn commission on airtime sale, you’ll have get in touch with an agent network through email: momo@mtn.com 




M-Pesa is Vodacom’s Merchant payments solution launched In November 2016 to digitize payments in the Tanzania retail world and enable merchants and retailers to collect payments seamlessly while helping customers to avoid the risks and burdens of carrying cash.

The M-Pesa App supports QR-code payments which simplifies the payment transaction by skipping the step where a payer has to enter the payee’s account details. By scanning a merchant’s QR code, the customer automatically captures information regarding the merchant’s till number or bank account. This system is the new mobile money platform in Tanzania. Also, did we mention that there are no transaction fees for both customers and merchants when using M-Pesa.


Mercado Pago


Mercado Pago is the most widely used business tool service provider in the Latin America region, available on both Apple Store and Google Playstore. One of its most popular features is the QR code payment option. With this, all merchants have to do is print their QR code and leave it in your physical store or your website for customers with the app to scan and complete their payment. 

As a merchant who has downloaded the app, just enter “Charge with QR” and key in the amount to automatically generate the code. Your client will simply scan it and pay within seconds. 

Line Pay


Line Pay has become one the most leading household names in the world particularly in Asia for smart wallet services.Specializing in a simple, convenient and hassle-free payment transaction, it is well known for its easy sign up system. For merchants, just sign up on the app using the LINE Pay Merchant and it will enable you to create various campaigns and point systems on top of the basic feature of entering the corresponding of your products. All you have to do is full out the application directly on the website. Line Pay is also easily integrated with POS and e-commerce shops.

As for security, it takes pride in its seamless five-point security system that will protect your important payment information so it is not leaked: ID verification, LINE Pay password, encrypt information, monitoring system and user compensation system.


Pay Maya 


Pay Maya is one of the leading cashless payment system providers in Asia particularly in the Philippines. It is the first fintech to adopt QR codes in the Philippines for businesses to easily accept cashless payments from customers using any QR Ph-participating bank or e-wallet app.

Merchants can track sales through a portal that provides transaction and settlement reports. Through this you can significantly minimize cash handling risks at your store with cashless transactions. Not to mention, PayMaya QR is supervised by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas so security should be at the least of your worries.

PayMaya QR is hassle-free for whoever is using it. Merchants can set up their codes through a free kit, which includes a QR code that you can display on any of your digital platforms or on your physical locations. Sales tracking is also made possible through a portal that provides transaction and settlement reports. Both customer and merchant will receive an SMS notification to confirm if QR code payment is successful.




Gcash is widely used in the Philippines and it enables consumers to shop at numerous stores nationwide with just their phone to settle payments. To start using GCash QR, customers should download the app and should be able to shop at your store if you are a registered partner merchant. As a merchant, being signed up in Gcash allows you to gain access to a nationwide customer base and optimize your presence in sales and promotions. It also allows you to make hassle-free direct settlements where you can bring your daily transactions straight to your bank account. 

The Gcash QR also provides you reports so you can get an overall glimpse of your performance and transaction. This gives you an opportunity to evaluate your sales and grow your business.

Customers just log in to the GCash App, swipe left, scan your unique QR code, and enter the transaction amount to pay. The payment is transmitted electronically from the customer to your account. No need for POS terminals, maintenance, and manual cash sweeping – it’s that easy.




Grab Pay is a mobile payment app used by millions in several countries in Southeast Asia, that allows merchants to accept cashless payments from customers and manage their sales in one app. You can generate your GrabPay QR Code by using the GrabPay Merchant app, available in Apple Store and Google Playstore. Simply go to the Profile tab and click on QR Code.

With this app, you can easily ditch long queues. Not only do you spend less time handling cash, it allows you to focus on other aspects of your business.

It also allows you to transfer your earnings to your bank account every day. You can even track your progress with comprehensive business reports. You can also receive instant notifications via the app when you receive payments from customers.

You can sign up for Grab Merchant here: https://help.grab.com/merchant/en-ph/360027632232-How-do-I-sign-up-as-a-GrabPay-Merchant



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