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TESCONI is an online-based business that operates in Mexico. It consists of the sale of computers, gadgets, computer equipment, assemblies, laptops, cell phones, smart home products, all in technology. TESCONI started its journey nearly one year ago. Even though it was a difficult year, this business developed, and its owner, Iván Flores, is planning to open a physical store soon. We had a short meeting with Mr. Flores to learn more about his experience and how they are using Loyverse.

-How did your business start? Why did you choose this type of business?

It all started because I saw that in Mexico, most people continue doing business in an old-fashioned way, in a physical store. I foresaw the tendency that all was going to be online. My business is all online-based. I sell only via Facebook, Amazon, and Mercado Libre. I saw the opportunity, and I seized it since I know directly most of the suppliers of the brands that I sell. It was an opportunity I could not let pass me by.



- How was your first year in business?

My business started strong because there is a high request for the products I sell. There have been many occasions where my clients have ordered products that I didn’t have in stock, but I could manage really well as I have contacts with the wholesalers. 

- Do you have any employees or you run the business alone? 

At the moment, I am working with my wife, who handles the accounting part of the business, and my nephew, who helps me with the delivery of the products and the upload of the products in the marketplaces. 

- What is your philosophy in business? 

I didn’t think in philosophy actually. I am a very small business and just started my journey. What is important to me is to keep the customer happy. If my customer buys the product today, he will receive it within the day. I think this is the dream of every customer. I live in the center of the city, which gives me good opportunities to manage my orders and deliver them at the right time. 


- How did you find Loyverse?

I found Loyverse searching online. When I started to research for the point of sale system I would use in my business; I researched for a system with a free trial period to test the system and see if it would fit my needs. My requirements were that the system was cloud-based and I could access all my data and manage all from a mobile device. I tried several applications, but they didn’t fulfill all my requirements. Since I started a new business that I wasn’t sure if it was going to work, I was happy to see that Loyverse offered me the possibility to use the platform without any charge. It was a great help for me. Now that my business has developed, I want to use the Advanced Inventory, and I would be ready to pay for the platform. I see that Advanced Inventory offers the possibility to add suppliers to the system and create Purchase orders. I deal with my suppliers on a daily basis, and this feature is very useful for my business. 

I also learned recently that Loyverse has integrations with different e-commerce platforms, and I would like to test the integration with Amazon so that my workflow will be more seamless.  


- Since all your business is online-based, how do you use Loyverse, and what is the feature that you find most useful and convenient for you?

Loyverse POS is a very intuitive and user-friendly system. I learned it really fast, and this is what amazed me at first about it.

I add the products in the system when I sell them because there are many times when I don’t have products in stock, but I play around a lot with the wholesaler’s stock. For example, I don’t have the laptop, but I sell it, then I go to the wholesaler, and I buy the laptop from him and immediately I pass it to Amazon to deliver it to my customer. When this process occurs, I add the product in Loyverse and indicate how much it cost me and the price I sold it for. I also add another item called “Amazon’s commission” that has a price of 0 but has a cost. If I also have to pay for the transport, I add another product named “Transport cost” and again insert only the cost equal to the amount I have to pay and put the price for it 0. Then, I create the receipt with the product, Amazon’s commission, and the Transport cost, and I am able to see my margin. This is how I manage the process. If the item was added previously in the system, I just need to change the price or the cost. 

The prices of my products are flexible and I am happy that Loyverse has the option to leave the Price field empty and I can indicate the price of the item at the moment of the sale. This is very helpful for me. 

Another feature of Loyverse which is very convenient for me is the possibility to send the receipt by email. When I sell via Facebook, I ask the customer to share their email with me and immediately send the receipt to my customer by email. This feature is ecological, I don’t waste paper, and I think this is a really well-designed feature. 

- What feature would you like to see in Loyverse in the future?

I think it would be nice if in the printed and emailed receipts would appear the pictures of the items that were uploaded in the system. Apart from that, the system is really good. I want to thank the Loyverse Team and wish you all the best. 



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