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New features: Tax application depending on dining options and logo printing on receipts




In some countries, the tax on certain goods depends on the dining options. For example, if the customer orders food for takeout, it is not taxed. But in the case of consuming the same food inside the cafe, it is taxed.
Now you can set this tax options in Loyverse POS. This feature is currently available for iOS users, and it’ll be available for Android users later. 


How to Apply Taxes Depending on Dining Options

Now you can upload the logo of your business in the Back Office and it will appear on the printed receipts. This feature is also only available for iOS users, but it will be available for Android users later. The logo will be printed on the receipt in the graphical mode, which all printers from the supported printers list should be set up by default. 


How to Add Logo to the Receipts



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