Which Android tablets are good to run Loyverse POS?

Who can advise which Android tablets are good to run Loyverse POS? Also, usually I run other apps on the device during my workday.


We use a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, both 8.0 and 10.0 work just fine.

in case you want android because of the price, the latest series of apple ipads are 350 euro including VAT. That's a decent price for a tablet since it has a great screen, good battery and will probably last longer than a cheap android device. I have some experience with a 150 dollar android 6.2 tablet from amazon and all i can say it was a horrible experience. unreliable, overheating slow and had strange ugly colors on the screen.

i use low end tablet with RAM 1 GB and it works fine, but it needs internet connections to be reliable, i don't have problem when it connects to wifi with reliable speed, but when i use it with mobile internet connection which unfortunately not so reliable the application becomes not so smooth. i try to use the application on my android smartphone with RAM 4 GB, still i experience the same issue. bottom line is, low end tablet works fine with loyverse, but in my experience it needs reliable internet connection.

I use Loyverse POS on Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 and on Insignia NS-P10A7100. On both, it works fine.

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