Trying to apply VAT to specific Dinning Options but it doesn't work

Is anyone having the same issue? I add exceptions (delivery and takeout) for VAT in Backoffice but it doesn't work. It keeps applying VAT for all dinning options, including delivery and takeout. Does anyone know how to solve this?


Hello, I made a short video to make it easier to understand how to use the option to add a tax depending on the dining option.


Rodrigo, thank you again for the video. I did exactly what you did in your video and it still doesn't work. Actually I was already trying it before with no success. I don't know what is happening, maybe a bug in the app. I hope they'll fix it soon. But thank you anyway!
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If you use iOS it should be working, make sure you are using the latest version of Loyverse POS. But if you are sure everything is set up correctly contact the Loyverse team through the live chat and send them a screenshot of your settings and of a receipt that should have the tax exception but it didn't work.
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Hi Rodrigo. Thanks, but I can't find the video. There is only a blank space below your comment (I tried with 3 different browsers and on my pnone). Do you have the youtube link or some other way to share it?
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sorry about that, i didn't realize it didn't load properly. I just fixed it I think now it's working well.
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Which platform you use, iOS or Android? Currently this feature work on iOS only, on Android it will be a bit later.

I'm using it with IOS, but it is not working. Were you able to make it work? Have any clue about how to make it work?
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In addition, the "items not subject to tax" field is not working as well. I select all categories I don't want to apply the tax and it still applies the tax anyway
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