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Why the open orders are not in sync across all the devices?


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There are lots of ways to uniquely identify open orders across different devices, automatically or manually!! Why not sync them across all the devices then? At present, I have lots of troubles if the customer adds/update his order then I need to find the right device and then only make changes. Same chaos happens at the time of billing, I need to find the right device and only then I can generate the bill. It's not really agile in an agile world. I need to book customers with their representatives only.

If the person who took the order has his shift over then he can't leave because he will take away the open order with him.

You can also track who add/update the order by adding a subscript for the modifier - if this what you think is a challenge. In short, it's not a big change but it makes the application use the cloud capabilities little better.

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